Tuesday, November 25, 2014

edith: 5 weeks old

age: five weeks old
stats: 22.44" long (94%), 11 lb 3.7 oz (90%), 37 cm head circumference (60%)
firsts: time in the Moby wrap, intentional smile, manicure
milestones: getting really good at holding her head up, smiling
goings-on: edith has begun to coo (which are really more of whimpery protests when she is unhappy with something) and smile intentionally. she also greatly resembles her brother at this age. the past 2 days and nights have been decent after approximately 5 horrible days, so we are hoping that perhaps that was a growth spurt and she will be a ray of sunshine henceforth. edith is taking the pacifier slightly more consistently these days which is extremely wonderful as it saves me from being a human pacifier. she is totally smitten with her brother and would much rather look at him than us. edith's not sleeping in her swing nearly as much now that we know it increases the risk for SIDS which means many-a-sheet changes during the week from the reflux. little miss has a really big place in all three of our hearts!

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  1. I am a newly expecting mom and I would just like to know what you learned about sids related to swing sleeping. Is there an article you can link? Thanks!