Saturday, November 15, 2014

eldenisms (part 3)

Jon: Okay Elden, time to go take your nap. Say bye to Thomas [which was on tv].
Elden: Bye Thomas, sweet dreams!

(To Jon, as he cooks in the kitchen): Whatcha making, Da?
Jon: An egg
Elden: Is it yummy?

(After taking a bite of chicken and rice Jon made): That's yummy yummy! That's DELICIOUS!

(To me, right after he woke up): I'm sick. My tummy hurts.
Me: Are you hungry?
Elden: Yeah. I need candy.

(Slides the book Jon is reading him before bed to me to finish reading)
Jon: Hey I'm reading that to you!
Elden: No, Dada has to go pee.

To me, while getting things ready to leave in the kitchen: Babe! Look at me!

(Marsala, entering the kitchen from the basement through the kitty door): Kitty came in! How'd that happen!?

To me, trying to persuade me to change his poopy diaper instead of Jon: Babe, change me please?! Change me babe!

Me, yelling to Jon upstairs: Jon, can you bring Elden down a diaper when you come?
Elden: Jon! Where are you!?

To me, while I was changing his diaper (whispering): I fart. It was a quiet one.

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