Thursday, November 20, 2014

just an update

As I near the end of my maternity leave, there has been a pretty big change brewing in our house.

After much prayer and consideration, we made the decision to have Jon put his notice in at work. Beginning December 1 he is going to be a full-time stay at home dad. We crunched the numbers (and then crunched them again) and it's going to be insanely tight each month. But if we are good stewards of our money we should be okay. If it turns out that it's just too tight, his work was gracious and told him he was welcome back any time.

This will likely lead to other posts about managing money (assuming we are good at it...), specifically avoiding discretionary spending. We have budgeted $250/month for groceries but we are hoping to really only spend closer to $200. This isn't outside the realm of possibility as that's about what we've spent when we were actually diligent on budgeting. We budgeted $75 for all things miscellaneous (house needs, clothes, hygiene-related products, etc.) and considering our families spoil our children with clothing (thankyou,thankyou,thankyou), clothes shouldn't be a huge expense--and when we need to buy, we usually go the thrift route. Gas isn't a huge expense either since I work 6 minutes from home. Pretty much our largest expenses from most to least are: student loans, mortgage/taxes, groceries, gas for cars, car repayment, cell phones, natural gas, water, security system, electric, internet, etc. We do not have cable. We do not have a Starbucks habit. We do not go out to eat horribly often, we pretty much never go to movies, we don't travel. So while it's going to be really tight and we need to be on top of things, I'm hoping we can make it work. This will be the first time in the 7 years (!!) Jon and I have been together that we will both be home on weekends and if that means we don't go out to eat ever I am 300% on board. I am so looking forward to the memories we can make as a family now and to spend time with my best friend.


  1. Best of luck! I think this will be a wonderful thing for your family!

  2. Good luck with the $250 a month food budget. It's hard. Luckily your kids aren't in school and you don't have to pack lunches. I've tried it and so have very frugal friends. Even with coupons and shopping at Aldis or Bottom Dollar we are at $500 a month for 4 people.