Monday, November 3, 2014

transition to two

So we're here. Some days we're surviving by the skin of our teeth and other days we feel like we have it all together.

Apparently, having two kids is some tough work. Mingle in the lack of sleep, postpartum hormones and Jon working weekends and you might just have the recipe for a very on edge and emotional Danielle.

We have been blessed by many meals from family, friends and our church community. I'm not entirely sure we would currently be eating anything had it not been for them. So if you've brought us something (or asked to bring us something) thank you. Thank you for your kindness and selflessness and for loving us so well.

So let's get into it: I'm not entirely sure Edith isn't colicky. Or perhaps it's reflux? Our compass of what is normal newborn behavior is awfully askew since Elden was such a wild card with his awful colic. All I know is there are periods of 2-3 hours per day (if not more) where she is on and off crying and refuses to be put down. I've cut certain things out of my diet--onions being the main culprit--and that seems to have helped a little. But then there are the days where 2-3 hours are more like 6-7 hours and it's exhausting. If these episodes fall when Jon is at work I feel completely inadequate because all I can really do is setup Elden in front of Jon's PBS app and let him binge watch Daniel Tiger and subsist on snacks or whatever I can quickly heat up in that moment. Suffice to say, this ish is hard.

Elden is doing amazing as a big bro. He is always asking to hold Edith and gives her more unprompted kisses and hugs than Marsala (the highest of honors). You can tell that sometimes he just needs some one on one time with us so we have been doing quite a bit of hand-offs of Edith so we can each take some time to spend with him.

Nights are hit or miss. Some days Edith eats every hour so I get maybe 30-45 minutes of sleep at a time. I am not a peach the next day when that happens. Then we have nights where she goes 2-3 hours between nursing and I am a much more pleasant person to be around. She has slept all day today so I am not holding my breath that tonight will be particularly nice.

In terms of my physical recovery and breastfeeding, it's mostly night and day compared to with Elden. With Elden I felt like I was hit by a semi for about a month in my nether yaya but homie pretty much has the head of a 5-year-old. Except seriously, we got him a 2T-5T winter hat that barely fits his noggin and Edith I think had a much smaller head at birth. That has left me feeling just a little bit sore but on the whole able to move around and do life without much discomfort. Breastfeeding has been frustrating on the days that Edith cluster feeds and it's definitely not comfortable just yet, but it is also much less uncomfortable (read: miserable) than it was with Elden. I'm pretty sure I'm going to write up a postpartum/newborn survival post with the products that saved my hiney the most this go around (spoiler alert: adult diapers were involved... hashtag no shame) because I feel better equipped to make blanket statements about healing and living la vida loca since we got out trick or treating four days postpartum and the zoo one week postpartum. Yes I'm bragging. Yes karma will bite me hard tonight.
zoo trip on October 28

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  1. Love hearing how you guys are doing! Not going to, so, so excited to meet our baby girl...but pretty nervous about how hard life with two kiddos will be. The experts (my mama friends) have told me the first few months with a baby and toddler are ROUGH, but eventually things calm down and you settle into a routine.