Sunday, November 23, 2014

ways i've changed since edith

Some of these may be obvious, but here's a running lists of ways I've changed since Edith was born compared to when Elden was a newborn.

1. I stopped caring what others think. When Elden would have one of his screaming episodes publicly I constantly worried about the judgment of others questioning my parenting skills (lack thereof). Now that Edith is here I recognize that she's just a grouchy baby right now for reasons still unknown. If you think that's a reflection of my parenting skills then so be it. Don't care.

2. While I certainly cherish sleep, on the rare magical unicorn occasion where both children are simultaneously asleep IN THEIR ROOMS (pigs are flying, ya'll) during the day I do not nap. I shower. I eat. I binge watch shows I'm behind on (here's to looking at you, Jess and Mindy). I zone out. And it. is. glory.

3. Leggings. I used to despise the whole 'leggings are pants' movement. I vocally drank the haterade. But now that I am covered in spit up half the time (never realized how little Elden spit up til now) and just generally trying to survive each day I have changed sides. Leggings are acceptable forms of pants 4 life. I'm waving my banner proudly.

or i could just use this as an excuse. {source}
4. Not all babies are created equal. You're just now picking up on this? might be running through your pretty little mind. You're right. But at 5 weeks old I'm realizing all the ole tricks we used to get Elden to sleep are not necessarily going to work for Miss Edith. He loved being swaddled. The swaddle is apparently the bane of her existence. He hated the swing. Sometimes it's the only thing that gets her to sleep. He would nurse and nurse and nurse and we'd have to cut him off after 30 minutes. She nurses for 3 minutes and passes out. He thrived on the Moms on Call schedule and she is the supreme schedule destroyer. They both love the Moby, which happens to be the bane of *my* existence. Conspiracy.

5. Gone are the days of wanting 6 babies. I still want a big family, but I think we are done from a biological perspective since we're batting 0 for 2 in the happy newborn department. There are plenty of other ways to grow your family and once we fully recover from this in, oh, 47 years... we are going to hopefully do just that.

6. I crave getting things around the house done. But I'm also able to go upstairs to bed while the house is a mess, there are dishes in the sink, the litter box smells, etc. Gone are the days of juuuuust enough energy to clean that stuff.

Suffice to say, fall 2014 has been a season of epic adjustment. We seem to be having okayish days followed by horrendous days, so I guess there's some predictability in that? As much as this adjustment has been a challenge, we love our children like crazy and are so glad they're our grouchy little people.


  1. Why do you hate the Moby? Because it's hard to put on or because it's uncomfortable?

    1. Hard to put on! I can never get it on right or get her in it right :(