Tuesday, December 30, 2014

edith: 10 weeks old

age: ten weeks old
stats: 13 pounds even, 24.2" long
firsts: christmas, cold
milestones: edith can now roll from her belly to her back!
goings-on: edith continues to grow like a weed and is in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. she now consistently rolls from belly to back although this week was apparently not the first time she did it (jon can't remember when; he had thought it was a fluke back in the day). edith did great on both christmas eve and christmas day with each of our families and even bestowed some smiles upon everyone. she still prefers elden, loves her bath more than almost anything, and is happiest when she first wakes up. naps during the day continue to be unpredictable but she has been sleeping through the night every night for the past week and a half or so. she is alert, loves to check out her environment, and really starting to find her voice. edith wears essentially all 3-month clothes now and we're approaching the need to upgrade to 3-6 month onesies for her long torso. this little girl brings our family so much joy!

Monday, December 29, 2014


I've been mostly silent for the past week or so because it's been a really emotional few weeks for me--for my family. It also doesn't help that I've been really sick for about 2.5 weeks that culminated in an urgent care visit on Christmas eve. I'm just now going more than a few hours without an asthma attack so I'm finally on the mend. Suffice to say, I have a lot to share. It is not trivial stuff. But I need some time to process things with the help of a therapist and give my family time to heal. I know I'm being ambiguous and probably stirring up a million things in your mind about what it could possibly be. I promise I won't be silent forever. I'm hoping if things proceed the way I hope (quickly) I will be able to share what I need to within the month. I am already compiling drafts so the words are fresh and real because I know I am not the first to share what I'm going to.

If you could just pray for healing and restoration in my family and in my life, I would be eternally grateful.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

edith: 9 weeks old

age: nine weeks old
stats: 12.75 lbs. maybe? - her 2-month well visit is next week
firsts: nothing new this week
milestones: sleeping through the night for 6 consecutive nights
goings-on: i'm 90% sure edith is working on her front two bottom teeth but jon isn't quite as convinced as i am. we can see them under the gums and today edith's gums appeared a little swollen but we're not sure whether they're actively working their way up. edith celebrated her second month of life on sunday and jon and i found ourselves befuddled at how quickly time is going. she has rolls for days on her thighs (her onesie is covering them in that picture) and i feel like that's one of my greatest life accomplishments. edith has definitely discovered her hands and has been gnawing on them quite a bit over the past few days, thus fueling my teething hypothesis. she still greatly prefers her brother over us and will search until she sees him when she hears him talking. edith is a champ at tummy time and holding her head up and (in general) no longer loathes her car seat! she's still not the smiler elden was but she is a content little observer who just likes to take in her surroundings. perhaps we have a future scientist on our hands?! we're excited to celebrate her first christmas this week and i think santa is going to bring her a pull-along wooden toy.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

homemade christmas {part 4}

I decided to try my hand at some homemade chocolate truffles for a few gifts. My mom loves dark chocolate salated caramel candies from a chocolatier in Amish country so I wanted to attempt to make her some. I found this recipe and decided to modify it a bit based on what we had on hand (and to make it align with the truffles she likes).

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles
26 caramels
1 c. dark chocolate (I used dark chocolate bars we buy at Aldi)
1/4 c. whole milk
1 1/3 c. dark chocolate chips
1 tbsp. shortening
olive oil spray
sea salt

The original recipe has you melt all your chocolate and caramels in the microwave, but I used my glass bowl double boiler (I really should just invest in a real double boiler) technique. Combine the caramels, dark chocolate and milk in the glass bowl, placed in a few inches of water (in a pan) over low heat, mixing until fully melted.
Spray plastic wrap (which I didn't have, so I used foil) with olive oil non-stick cooking spray in a small 8-inch square dish and pour the melted caramel mixture into it. Place in fridge until cool, approximately for 1-2 hours.
Remove the caramel mixture and cut into 30 pieces.
Roll each individual piece into a ball and place on parchment paper. Place newly formed balls back into the fridge for another hour or two. When ready to finish, use the double boiler technique again with the dark chocolate chips and shortening. Roll the caramel mixture in the melted chocolate and place on wax paper (or, if you also don't have wax paper, sprayed foil again) to set. After you have rolled each caramel mixture in the melted chocolate, sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top. I put my truffles in the fridge to set overnight when I was all done.
I will say, my caramels flattened out quite a bit which I was bummed about. It could be because I used whole milk instead of the heavy cream the original recipe called for. I ended up re-rolling them right before I dropped them into the chocolate so that helped a smidge but not much. I haven't tasted them (still dairy-free over here) but Jon and Elden both loved them. I'm pretty happy with this project!

Friday, December 19, 2014

christmas card 2014

I totally slacked last year in the Christmas card department, but with Edith's arrival I really wanted to make an effort to send one out this year to double as a birth announcement.

We looked at Walgreens and Shutterfly for cards. We greatly preferred the Shutterfly cards but the Walgreens cards were $60 cheaper... until I went coupon code crazy. If you are unaware, Shutterfly allows you to stack coupons so we actually got way better cards--and more of them--for the same price Walgreens would have cost us. I was a happy girl.

Here's the front:

And here's the back:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

homemade christmas {part 3}

We like doing little homemade gifts for the extended family since we can't afford to buy everyone something. Even though it's not an expectation to be given a present, we do enjoy giving them. In 2012 we made Elden's first ornament for everyone. In 2013, we made homemade hot chocolate powder in mason jars to give away. This year we're taking a little bit of a different approach--instead of making one thing per family we're giving one thing to the women and one to the men. I wanted to try homemade whipped body butter because winters in Ohio are nothing if not brutal on the skin. I also needed the shea butter for Jon's shave soap and the rest of the ingredients were sold from the same online retailer I used to get his, so two birds. I used this recipe, which I reiterated below.

Ingredients (I got everything except the coconut, olive and essential oils from Bulk Apothecary)
1/2 c. shea butter
1/2 c. cocoa butter
1/2 c. coconut oil
1/2 c. olive oil
essential oils for scent
glass bowl

Place everything except the essential oil in the glass bowl, which should be sitting in a hot bath over low heat on the stove (just like the shave soap).
Stir constantly until completely melted.
Remove from heat. Add essential oil for the desired scent and mix it in; place in fridge until it sets but doesn't get TOO hard. It actually took mine a good couple of hours to get to the point where I thought it was ready.
Remove from fridge. Using a hand mixer (and spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl), whip for 10 minutes until fluffy. The original recipe then suggested returning the mixture to the fridge for ten minutes to set, but I was worried if I did this it would be too hard to scoop into the individual glass jars I had on hand (thank you, Dollar Spot at Target!). I divided the body butter into the jars--this recipe made four; I need to do another batch--placed the lids on them, and returned them to the fridge to set.
They weren't quite as fluffy as I would have liked but I think I probably only whipped them for about 5-7 minutes so maybe those last few minutes would have made a big difference. In any case, I'm really happy with how they turned out and I'm going to finish these with a label of some sort that I haven't decided on yet.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

homemade christmas {part 2}

At first I had no idea what to make Jon for his Christmas gift. After searching Pinterest and Google, I decided I would try my hand at homemade men's shave soap. Jon is into antique safety razors and goes the whole nine yards--he has a mug, badger brush, and uses soap when he shaves. I came upon this recipe and then decided to modify it based on what I was able to easily procure.

Men's Shave Soap Recipe:
1 lb. Hemp Oil Melt and Pour Soap Base
1 tbsp. shea butter
2 tsp. olive oil
6-7 liquid capsules of vitamin E
1/4 c. ground whole oats
Essential Oil for scent
glass jar (I used an old sauer kraut jar)
Pringles can (or soap mold)

On the lowest heat setting on your stove, place a pan with a few inches of water in it with the jar placed in the water bath. Cut the soap base into small chunks and add it into the glass jar, stirring occasionally with a plastic spoon. Grind the oatmeal into a fine powder. It needs to be a powder or it will all settle to the bottom of your mold--something I learned the hard way! Stir the olive oil and the liquid from the vitamin E capsules in a small bowl. I used scissors to cut open the capsules and ended up using 6 or 7 because I was only successfully getting about 1/3 of the liquid into the bowl. Next time I'll probably try using an Exacto knife to just cut a hole or slit in the capsules. When the soap base is entirely melted, turn off the heat and remove the glass jar from the water. Add the oatmeal, mixing thoroughly. Once that is evenly distributed, add the shea butter. I waited until that was melted completely to add the oil mixture. Then add the essential oils (if you'd like) last. When everything is mixed, pour the soap into your mold. The benefit to the Pringles can is you can just peel it away when you're done and cut the soap into rounds. If I continue to make this for Jon I will probably buy a mold that I saw at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars because it was a fluke that we actually had a Pringles can in our cupboard.
what the soap looked like when I peeled away the can - oatmeal all settled; air bubbles on top (remove both)
Because I can't wait to give gifts, I gave Jon his soap the same day. He used it and said it was probably the best shaving soap he's used--his skin didn't feel like it was drying out as he continued to shave. He kept reiterating that soap making needs to be my new hobby and it was actually pretty fun (not to mention easy) so I'm considering it. I also considered starting an Etsy shop but I think my hands are a little too full for that right now. I didn't take steps of the process but it was pretty self explanatory.

If you have any questions about any of the steps feel free to ask in the comments.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

edith: 8 weeks old

age: eight weeks old
stats: just north of 12.5 pounds
firsts: consistent smiles during a weekly photoshoot
milestones: nothing major
goings-on: over the weekend, edith slept through the night both friday + saturday nights and i thought i died and went to heaven. we definitely don't expect that to be a regular thing just yet (and the past 2 nights have proven us correct) but i'll tell ya - it was glory. elden, jon and i currently have colds/sore throats and we're hoping and praying edith stays healthy while not holding our breaths. she is currently drinking between 4.5-5 ounces at 6 and 9 am, and 12, 3, 6, and 9 pm with the occasional middle of the night nursing session. edith has long since outgrown her newborn clothes and is mostly out of her 0-3 month clothes.. as well as a few of her 3 month shirts. suffice to say, she's a little chunker. naps are still entirely unpredictable but edith is doing better with her carseat so we feel better taking her out during what should be nap times as it seems as if that's the most surefire way to actually get her to sleep. we're definitely getting more smiles but they are entirely at her whim - jon and i both feel like it was always easier to get elden to smile than edith. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

homemade christmas {part 1}

Since money is tight this year, we have decided to try to do several of our family's gifts homemade, and Jon and I are making one another's presents as well.

A tradition of ours is to also buy an ornament every Christmas. We had agreed we should do something surrounding Edith's birth since our 2012 ornament was a nod to Elden, but we had yet to find the right one (at the right price - cheap). Well, except this monstrosity that Jon found when we went to Amish Country a few months back:
Then I remembered that salt dough ornaments were a thing, so we decided to do that as a little family project/craft for Elden and then double it as our family ornament.

Salt Dough Ornament:
1 c. flour
1/2 c. salt
1/2 c. water (or more if 1/2 c. does not create a workable dough)

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Combine all ingredients and mix. Place on a non-stick surface (we used a silicone baking sheet). Roll the dough so it is thick enough for your application (if using cookie cutters, they'd be thinner; if doing footprints like we did, they need to be a little thicker). Cut out your shapes and use the straw to punch a hole for a ribbon. Place on a cookie sheet and bake for 2-3 hours until no longer pliable; flip partway through. Once done, let cool completely and then paint with an acrylic paint to avoid attracting bugs during storage.
Elden loved this craft and we had all ingredients on hand. I'm going to write Edith's birth stats on the back of her footprint with a sharpie (and put Elden's name/the year on his) and finish all three with a ribbon to hang on our tree. I love that this craft cost us nothing, was something we could engage Elden in (he helped paint them, too) while still continuing our family tradition.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

on potty training

We've known for some time that Elden knew when he needed to go to the bathroom, he just didn't want to go on the potty. We decided not to pressure him into potty training for a variety of reasons:
1) he is a very stubborn child and his will often outlives ours
2) he likes to do the opposite of what you tell him to, especially if he doesn't want to do what you are telling him
3) he's only 28 months; according to the University of Michigan the average age for a potty trained boy is 31 months
4) too many changes too fast - with Edith's arrival imminent, we didn't want to invest time in potty training him since we figured we may experience at least some level of regression if his transition to big bro was difficult on him

In any case, we had at least begun asking him periodically throughout the day, especially before baths, if he wanted to pee on the potty. We had some success with that but Elden's interest generally waned. The past week we've really pushed the deuce--he has yet to do a #2 on the potty--and told him first thing in the morning to tell us right before he had to poop so we could put him on the potty. He would always go ahead and just do his business in his diaper like it was no big thing. The past two mornings, he pooped in his diaper and then told us he wanted to poop on the potty. It's definitely not an issue of not knowing what's coming... he knows. He just doesn't want to do the poop thing yet, so we're letting him go at his pace.

Last night he saw his training potty, which had thus far been unused, in the downstairs bathroom and told us he wanted to pee in it. We got it out, de-trou'ed him, and let him do his thing. He did indeed pee so he got to pick out his 'peepee treat' (which is whatever sweet he asks for; in this case it was gum). He didn't want to put his diaper back on afterwards so we told him we could leave it off but he needed to go on the potty if he felt the urge. Jon and I just felt like gambling I guess.
just doing some light reading in the kitchen
Cue being outwitted by a 2-year-old. Elden peed 8 times on his potty (not just a dribble, either) over the course of about 2 hours. For those of you keeping track at home, that's 1 peepee treat every 15 minutes. Thankfully he just asked for more gum for 2 & 3, Jon convinced him raspberries were delicious for #4, and Elden didn't ask for anything for pees 5-8. We then put him in training pants that we happened to have on hand from when he showed nominal interest in potty training several months ago which we dubbed his 'practice underwear.'

He requested his underwear instead of a diaper this morning. We obliged but told him he needs to tell us when he has to go potty or we need to put a diaper back on. When we took off his nighttime diaper (which was dry... big shocker there since he had just peed a billion times before bed) he said he had to go pee so we did that on the big potty. His treat? You guessed it! Gum.

We definitely aren't there yet. We need to conquer the deuce still. He did pee in the training pants last night when he and Jon were playing, which is normal since he was having fun and distracted. We probably still won't get all tiger parent but will instead continue to move at his pace. With Edith, Jon is currently mostly homebound during the day anyway so it's easy enough for us to follow Elden's lead. I mostly just can't believe how grown up my baby is getting. Before I know it he'll be going to prom and getting married and I'll be the overbearing mother-in-law you read horror stories about.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

edith: 7 weeks old

age: seven weeks old
stats: guesstimates put her in the neighborhood of 12+ pounds
firsts: regular, consistent, non-pooping smiles, slept through the night (!!!)
milestones: smiling, sleeping through the mother-loving night
goings-on: things seem to be better for edith in the reflux department. she is still spitting up quite a bit but it doesn't seem to be causing her much discomfort anymore. now the discomfort is strictly associated with trapped gas/poop so we've had a few rough nights that are relieved once she is finally able to release all that fun stuff. i've gradually started re-introducing dairy into my diet to see what, if any, effect that has on her. it's mostly been because holidays = cookies and candy = my weakness but we haven't noticed any discernible changes in her disposition. that being said, i've pretty much only had a teeny tiny amount here or there and i have yet to consume cheese (i miss thee) and milk directly. naps are still pretty crappy in that edith very rarely just goes down for a nap and sleeps the whole 2 hours through without needing consoling at any point. nighttime is getting easier, though, because edith usually only nurses once between 1-3 am and on a good night won't be up before that or until 6. however, usually she is awake and needs consoling at least once before or after her middle of the night nursing sesh. size 1 diapers are getting snug and cooing is becoming more apparent. we love this little girl!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

about that reign rape scene

Tonight the CW aired an episode of Reign in which the queen is raped by assassins when they discover the king is not present to be assassinated.

I should preface that the show and network's most likely demographic is middle and high school aged girls.

The queen is able to escape where she runs into her mother-in-law who, being a rape victim herself (as discussed in at least one previous episode), immediately recognizes the distraught presentation and takes her to her chamber and confirms what happened. She then gives the young queen a speech about how she will bathe her, do her hair and make-up and change her clothes and she will stand up and pretend nothing happened because that will be the #1 way not to let the attackers win. That's what they do.

I believe rape is something that needs to be discussed. I also understand what Reign tried to accomplish with the, "they won't break your spirit" speech. That being said, I think the CW greatly (grossly, horribly) dropped the ball here. You just told a large audience of impressionable young girls that the best way to react to sexual assault is to pretend it didn't happen. Furthermore, the rape scene itself was done in very poor taste and merely accomplished pushing forward a weak story line. In no way is it addressing the huge impact rape has on a woman or serving as some sort of learning device. I did and continue to feel sick after witnessing that.

The previews for next week show a queen begging her husband to find the rapist and his crew to exact revenge. They show an emotionally unstable queen as she deals with her assault. It appears as though she is relying merely on her husband to destroy the men who hurt her and is in no way attempting to get outside help, thus adding to the notion that rape is something that you need to hide. The previews may be misleading but after tonight's episode I will no longer be watching to see how it plays out.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for not realizing the real message you were sending your audience, CW.

goodbye, paci: a toddler & the 5 stages of grief

We had managed to widdle down pacifier time to Elden's nap and bedtime quite a while ago. We have been talking about getting rid of it for months (the pediatric dentist gave us a deadline of 3 years old in order to allow Elden's body to naturally reverse any damage it was causing on his own) but with Edith on the way--and then arrived and depriving us of sleep--the timing just didn't seem right. Too many changes too fast, we rationalized. Before Edith was born, we "threw out" (but really had a special clean trash bag just for pacifiers that I then fished out and dishwashed to reuse with #3) all but 1 of his pacifiers and would tell him when he was ready we'd throw out his last one. Then when Edith was born and he saw her with a pacifier we told him he should give his pacifier to Edith because she was a baby and he was a big boy. Then he bit a slice in in it and we told him Edith could no longer have it; we'd have to toss it when he was ready.

For the past month, he would tell us he was going to throw it out. We'd enthusiastically agree and try to walk him to the bathroom to toss it but he would say, "no I *need* my paci." On Thanksgiving, I'm not sure what changed, but he made the executive decision his beloved paci was going to go in the trash and before I could process what he had just said, Elden had pranced into the bathroom and tossed it. When he came back into his room he was so excited and I tried reminding him this meant no pacifier for bed (we had to skip his nap due to the timing of Thanksgiving dinner) and he was down with it.

Thennnnnn bedtime happened. Our bedtime routine had evolved where while Elden was in the bath I'd hide his pacifier somewhere in his room. It was just a simple game we played but he LOVED it. After his bath, Elden prances into his room with a smile painted on his face and asked his (every day) question: "Mommy hid my paci?!"

Cue hearts sinking.

Me: No, buddy. Remember? You threw it away. Your pacifier is gone.
Elden: (look of WHAT HAVE I DOOOOONE!? followed by all the tears)

Enter the five stages of grief, of which we experienced all spare acceptance in a 1-hour period.

Stage 1: Denial.
Ho boy. Buddy was in the thick of it. He insisted at first that I had hid it.

Stage 2: Anger.
Hell hath no fury like a toddler sans pacifier. There was a whole lot of this that hour:
E: Mommy lay doooooown!
D: (lays down)
lather, rinse, repeat umpteen million times

Stage 3: Bargaining.
After about half an hour of wanting me to lay down / never breathe the same air as him again, Elden took a dagger to my heart with this cryversation (I'm really hoping I just invented this word but am too lazy to do a quick Google search):
E: Elden need Edif's paciiiii
D: No, buddy. If we take Edith's pacifier she'll cry. We don't want that.
E: Yesssss, Edif wanna cry!!
He attempted this approach on and off for about 10-15 minutes.

Stage 4: Depression.
I'd say he was experiencing stage 4 basically the whole time. A whole lotta stage 4 laced in with stage 2.

Stage 5: Acceptance.
In all, it took probably about 70 minutes for Elden to pass out from sheer exhaustion that night. I think skipping his nap actually saved us quite a bit of heartache because Elden does not go quietly into the night about these things if he has the energy. Six days in and I think we're fully at acceptance. His first nap on Black Friday he was slightly upset but not like the evening prior. It took him about 20 minutes to fall asleep without it. However, every time he sleeps now he has been trying his hand at a new little shtick called fake it til you make it:
Elden (nodding head quite enthusiastically, using a very sweet and gentle voice): Elden needs pass-ee-fire.
Us: No, Bud. You've been sleeping great without it!
Elden (continues to nod head enthusiastically): Yes. Elden needs pass-ee-fire.

Suffice to say, Thanksgiving night sucked for all involved parties (except Edith, who snoozed away blissfully one room over). We're glad he's off it, though, and that we didn't have to be the ones to take it from him. With Edith, we intend on taking it away right at the one-year mark because within a few months after Elden was 12 months there was an obvious shift from where it was just a soothing device to where Elden had significant emotional attachment to it. If I learned anything from this experience it's that 2-year-olds experience grief quite theatrically and with a ton of emotion. It was really heartbreaking to see him so so sad. It's nice to know he's not distraught about things now and that we didn't irreversibly break him when we stood firm and didn't let him go dig it out of the trash.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

eldenisms (part 4)

Elden (about our friends' daughter, who is almost exactly one month older than Edith, upon seeing her in her swing when we walked into their house): That my baby??
it's tough being 2.
Elden (very protectively watching another friends' 1-year-old study Edith in her car seat): That MY Edif.

One of his new things is adding/changing words to include "lala" on the end (ex. it was 'Happy Thankslala!' for Thanksgiving). One of the books we read talks about how Elmo sleeps with a bunny who doesn't make a peep. We read most of the sentence but leave 'peep' for Elden to contribute. For a while the bunny didn't make a "toot" or a "fart," but this one caught us offguard.
Me: The bunny's soft and comfy, and never makes a...
Elden: Lala!

Edith: (crying while her bottle warmed up)
Elden (walks over, shirt raised): Wanna eat my nipple, Edif?

Elden: Where ya goin?
Me: Daddy and I are going on a date!
Elden: Elden wanna go on a date. Where my purse!?

Friend at Church: I hear you have a new baby sister!
Elden: Her name Edif. She cries a lot.

When I took him to the grocery store one day, 'Animals' by Maroon 5 was on the radio. At first he "don't like that music!" so in an act to manipulate him (mother of the year!) so I could listen to it I told him it was his favorite song. Fast forward approximately 2 weeks when we were yet again on our way to the grocery store with the radio playing and the same song comes on.
Elden: That my favorite song!!!

Me (singing in car): Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass...
Elden (interrupting, distraught): Stop! Elden don't LIKE that bass!!

Elden (every. single. commercial for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade): That parade over??

Elden is 2 years & 4 months old today. I thought I'd do a little update on his life since most of the blog has shifted to Edith updates.
-he is completely without his pacifier now since Thanksgiving. It's a tragic story about how he threw it out without fully realizing what that meant (if you had seen the wave of devastation and grief that overcame him that night at bedtime when he realized I hadn't played our nightly game of hide the pacifier - deserving of a post in and of itself - your heart would be broken).
-still wild about 'his' Edith, constantly showering her in affection
-wearing a whole lotta 3T clothes--mostly because of his height. He has almost outgrown his 3T footy pajamas ('jam jams,' in Elden speak) because his feet are too big.
-recognizes certain letters, numbers
-quite obsessed with Christmas lights, Christmas tree, his wooden train and the electric train my parents gave Jon a year or two ago
-looooves chewing gum. He has been known to chew a single piece of gum for over an hour and still remember to spit it in the garbage when he's done.
-a sweet, sensitive soul, just like his mom - with the typical emotional hardships that 2 entails
-still obsessed with reading, has seemed to gravitate towards my childhood Little Critter and Clifford books

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

edith: 6 weeks old

age: six weeks old
stats: probably 11.5 pounds
firsts: thanksgiving, day at home with just daddy and elden, christmas tree, time being left alone without us
milestones: much more alert, discovering her hands/grasping
goings-on: edith has a bit of a rash on her face - likely dryness due to the arid winter air and the extra hot baths she insists on. she has been babbling a smidge more and is all about the eye contact. edith drinks about 4 oz every 3 hours during the day. she is particularly curious about the world around her so we oft have to cover her eyes with our hands in order to get her to fall asleep for her naps. night time has been going well on the whole. she has only been nursing usually once in the middle of the night then right around 6 am. edith is starting to grasp objects (blankets, our fingers) and responds most rapidly to her brother. it's funny how second child syndrome is showing through because for our date night we rushed out the door and i barely even said bye to her. she did just fine, natch, and had plenty of love from her granny and gra.

back at it.

In the blink of an eye, maternity leave was over.

Today was my first day back at work. The transition actually went a lot smoother than I anticipated. It feels good to be back at it, earning a full income again. Short term disability insurance only amounted to less than half my salary and I had to pay our health insurance premiums on top of that to continue our coverage. Suffice to say, ends weren't really being met. I'm still grateful that I had any income during my leave as this was not the case at my last job.

Jon's last day of work was Sunday. We are cautiously optimistic about him staying home full-time. We are adjusting into routines at home - cleaning, cooking, sleeping. It is still a challenge, but we are finally starting to find our stride. I will miss the shorties while I'm at work but it's also nice for a little break each day.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us this past month and a half. We probably wouldn't have survived it without you.