Tuesday, December 9, 2014

edith: 7 weeks old

age: seven weeks old
stats: guesstimates put her in the neighborhood of 12+ pounds
firsts: regular, consistent, non-pooping smiles, slept through the night (!!!)
milestones: smiling, sleeping through the mother-loving night
goings-on: things seem to be better for edith in the reflux department. she is still spitting up quite a bit but it doesn't seem to be causing her much discomfort anymore. now the discomfort is strictly associated with trapped gas/poop so we've had a few rough nights that are relieved once she is finally able to release all that fun stuff. i've gradually started re-introducing dairy into my diet to see what, if any, effect that has on her. it's mostly been because holidays = cookies and candy = my weakness but we haven't noticed any discernible changes in her disposition. that being said, i've pretty much only had a teeny tiny amount here or there and i have yet to consume cheese (i miss thee) and milk directly. naps are still pretty crappy in that edith very rarely just goes down for a nap and sleeps the whole 2 hours through without needing consoling at any point. nighttime is getting easier, though, because edith usually only nurses once between 1-3 am and on a good night won't be up before that or until 6. however, usually she is awake and needs consoling at least once before or after her middle of the night nursing sesh. size 1 diapers are getting snug and cooing is becoming more apparent. we love this little girl!

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