Tuesday, December 23, 2014

edith: 9 weeks old

age: nine weeks old
stats: 12.75 lbs. maybe? - her 2-month well visit is next week
firsts: nothing new this week
milestones: sleeping through the night for 6 consecutive nights
goings-on: i'm 90% sure edith is working on her front two bottom teeth but jon isn't quite as convinced as i am. we can see them under the gums and today edith's gums appeared a little swollen but we're not sure whether they're actively working their way up. edith celebrated her second month of life on sunday and jon and i found ourselves befuddled at how quickly time is going. she has rolls for days on her thighs (her onesie is covering them in that picture) and i feel like that's one of my greatest life accomplishments. edith has definitely discovered her hands and has been gnawing on them quite a bit over the past few days, thus fueling my teething hypothesis. she still greatly prefers her brother over us and will search until she sees him when she hears him talking. edith is a champ at tummy time and holding her head up and (in general) no longer loathes her car seat! she's still not the smiler elden was but she is a content little observer who just likes to take in her surroundings. perhaps we have a future scientist on our hands?! we're excited to celebrate her first christmas this week and i think santa is going to bring her a pull-along wooden toy.

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