Wednesday, December 3, 2014

eldenisms (part 4)

Elden (about our friends' daughter, who is almost exactly one month older than Edith, upon seeing her in her swing when we walked into their house): That my baby??
it's tough being 2.
Elden (very protectively watching another friends' 1-year-old study Edith in her car seat): That MY Edif.

One of his new things is adding/changing words to include "lala" on the end (ex. it was 'Happy Thankslala!' for Thanksgiving). One of the books we read talks about how Elmo sleeps with a bunny who doesn't make a peep. We read most of the sentence but leave 'peep' for Elden to contribute. For a while the bunny didn't make a "toot" or a "fart," but this one caught us offguard.
Me: The bunny's soft and comfy, and never makes a...
Elden: Lala!

Edith: (crying while her bottle warmed up)
Elden (walks over, shirt raised): Wanna eat my nipple, Edif?

Elden: Where ya goin?
Me: Daddy and I are going on a date!
Elden: Elden wanna go on a date. Where my purse!?

Friend at Church: I hear you have a new baby sister!
Elden: Her name Edif. She cries a lot.

When I took him to the grocery store one day, 'Animals' by Maroon 5 was on the radio. At first he "don't like that music!" so in an act to manipulate him (mother of the year!) so I could listen to it I told him it was his favorite song. Fast forward approximately 2 weeks when we were yet again on our way to the grocery store with the radio playing and the same song comes on.
Elden: That my favorite song!!!

Me (singing in car): Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass...
Elden (interrupting, distraught): Stop! Elden don't LIKE that bass!!

Elden (every. single. commercial for the Macy's Thanksgiving parade): That parade over??

Elden is 2 years & 4 months old today. I thought I'd do a little update on his life since most of the blog has shifted to Edith updates.
-he is completely without his pacifier now since Thanksgiving. It's a tragic story about how he threw it out without fully realizing what that meant (if you had seen the wave of devastation and grief that overcame him that night at bedtime when he realized I hadn't played our nightly game of hide the pacifier - deserving of a post in and of itself - your heart would be broken).
-still wild about 'his' Edith, constantly showering her in affection
-wearing a whole lotta 3T clothes--mostly because of his height. He has almost outgrown his 3T footy pajamas ('jam jams,' in Elden speak) because his feet are too big.
-recognizes certain letters, numbers
-quite obsessed with Christmas lights, Christmas tree, his wooden train and the electric train my parents gave Jon a year or two ago
-looooves chewing gum. He has been known to chew a single piece of gum for over an hour and still remember to spit it in the garbage when he's done.
-a sweet, sensitive soul, just like his mom - with the typical emotional hardships that 2 entails
-still obsessed with reading, has seemed to gravitate towards my childhood Little Critter and Clifford books

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