Monday, December 29, 2014


I've been mostly silent for the past week or so because it's been a really emotional few weeks for me--for my family. It also doesn't help that I've been really sick for about 2.5 weeks that culminated in an urgent care visit on Christmas eve. I'm just now going more than a few hours without an asthma attack so I'm finally on the mend. Suffice to say, I have a lot to share. It is not trivial stuff. But I need some time to process things with the help of a therapist and give my family time to heal. I know I'm being ambiguous and probably stirring up a million things in your mind about what it could possibly be. I promise I won't be silent forever. I'm hoping if things proceed the way I hope (quickly) I will be able to share what I need to within the month. I am already compiling drafts so the words are fresh and real because I know I am not the first to share what I'm going to.

If you could just pray for healing and restoration in my family and in my life, I would be eternally grateful.

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