Tuesday, January 6, 2015

edith: 11 weeks old

age: eleven weeks old
stats: 13 pounds and some change
firsts: nothing new this week
milestones: babbling a LOT, bringing toys to her mouth
goings-on: we still haven't nailed down a solid nap schedule yet so days are entirely unpredictable. that being said, edith seems to do best when we lay her in her crib awake during the day. she has consistently been sleeping 9 pm - 6 am so that's pretty stinking awesome--especially the days that i actually have to go in and wake her around 6:15/6:30 to nurse her before i leave for work. elden is still sick but thankfully edith hasn't caught whatever it is he has so that's a huge blessing (knock on all the wood). the poosplosion is now a thing that happens 2+ times a week so we are getting lots of use out of our stain remover. apparently, though, the baby onesies with the broad shoulders are designed to slide down off a baby in such an event (mad thanks to a first time mom friend who filled us in on that!) so that the poop doesn't get all over baby. who knew?! not us. which is why elden got lots and lots and lots of baths in his infancy. edith has been smiling a lot more lately and very rarely goes into a full blown cry without a lot of whining first. she is mostly content to just sit and watch the world unfold around her and doesn't need to be moving at all times like her brother. she really does bring us so much joy!

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