Tuesday, January 13, 2015

edith: 12 weeks old

age: twelve weeks old
stats: 13.5 pounds perhaps? she is wearing a 6M outfit in that picture.
firsts: giggles (even if jon doesn't believe me!)
milestones: trying to sit up
goings-on: edith giggled for me the other night! jon doesn't believe me since i have been unable to recreate it, but i was tickling her armpit and got her to giggle two different times! edith enjoys gnawing on her hand like there's no tomorrow. that, coupled with the copious amount of spit and the little white dots just beneath her bottom gums, leads us to believe a tooth is working its way out. as a result, she didn't sleep the best at night this week but has redeemed herself the past 2 nights. if it's not teeth it could potentially be growth-spurt related as the 3-month mark tends to involve a big growth jump. edith seems to be spitting up a lot more lately and we're trying to figure out the cause. we know that when i eat tomatoes we see a giant increase in volume and we tried to test dairy a little but came back inconclusive. in any case, she doesn't seem bothered by it much but we go through clothes like it's our job. edith is also all about that bath (said like this) and when she's been upset over the past week we've been putting her in the tub... much to her delight. elden was a total water baby and edith is definitely following in his footsteps. she is up to about 5.5 ounces 6 times per day and the rolls on her legs are proof that she has a healthy appetite. this sweet girl's smiles and coos bring us so much happiness.

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