Friday, January 16, 2015

eldenisms (part 5)

Elden (while holding up the Hairspray DVD): This a movie?
Jon: Yeah!
Elden: Is it weird?

Danielle (to Jon): You should take the kids shopping tomorrow to buy more bananas.
Jon: ...and blueberries.
Elden (from his car seat, yelling excitedly): AND A WHISTLE!

Jon, after realizing Elden had been awake for some time following his nap but had yet to make a noise, likely due to us telling him before his nap that 'you don't have to sleep yet, but you do need to be quiet': Buddy, were you awake for a while?
Elden (whispering): Elden was really really quiet.

Elden (carrying a metal lunchbox into the kitchen): Bye! I'm going to my boring work!

Elden (to anyone and everyone he talks to on the phone, despite our continual reminders that people can't see through the phone): Do you see this [insert random object or body part here]?

Elden (every time he talks to me on the phone while I'm at work, ever since I mentioned I was taking inventory of the shoulders--yes, cadavers--in the freezer during a brief phone call earlier this week): Mommy looking at my shoulder?

Danielle (on the phone with Elden): Is Edith being good?
Elden: No! Edith keeps cryin!
Jon (in the background): No she doesn't!
Elden: Edith keeps saying WAAAHHH WAHHHHH.
Jon (in the background): No she doesn't, Elden!

Elden (many times during the course of the day when he knows he's not being a good listener or doing something defiantly): Mommy/Daddy, you happy?
Mommy/Daddy: Not really, you're aren't doing what we tell you.
Elden (smiling): Be happy, you're my friend!

Elden (to me, on the phone): Elden got a haircut!
Jon (in the background): Elden, that was supposed to be a surprise for Mommy!
Elden: (laughing)

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