Friday, February 27, 2015

eldenisms (part 6)

E (holding his Littlefoot stuffed animal): Rooooaaar!
D: Oh no! Stop growling at me, Littlefoot!
E: No! Dinosaurs don't growl. Dinosaurs roar!
At Castaway Bay, Lucy from Peanuts was walking around and Elden refused to talk to her but instead creepily followed her while smiling. After approximately 3 minutes, he finally mustered up the courage: Look at me bein' a grasshopper!! [drops to all fours and hops around]

You can thank your mother for those romancing skills, son.
(At 4 am)
D: Did you have a nightmare?
E: No.
D: Then why are you awake?
E: I don't know. My eyes are just open.
D (finishing a story): The end.
E: I love that part.
J: Elden, let me change your diaper.
E: Soon. ['soon' is his word of choice these days]

E (after meeting Snoopy at Castaway Bay during dinner, walking back towards table & turns to face Snoopy, yelling): Bye Snoopy! I'm gonna go eat my dinner now!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

edith: 18 weeks old

age: eighteen weeks old
stats: 26.18" tall (97th percentile), 15 lbs 2.3 oz (69th percentile), 40.5 cm head circumference (45th percentile)
firsts: night in a hotel; water park; tooth!
milestones: can now take baby tylenol
goings-on: one of edith's bottom teeth has now (barely) poked through her gums so she's on track to be an early teether just like big bro. at her well check her doctor found something mildly concerning (i won't go into details for her privacy as she gets older) but he prescribed us some medicine that should correct it. otherwise she will need a very minor outpatient procedure but we are optimistic the prescription will take care of it. we took the kids to castaway bay in sandusky over the weekend for a night to help cure some of our cabin fever. we paid extra for a suite so that elden would have his own space. as luck would have it, the suite also had a commendably large walk-in closet... that was perfect for edith's pack n play. hashtag second child. one of my first time mom friends joked that she couldn't believe we harry pottered our baby but we kept the door open a crack, had a monitor in there and learned that homegirl LOVES pitch black spaces. suffice to say, both kids actually slept like champs that night leaving two VERY relieved parents. water baby was totally into the water park, as well as the arcade, and we highly recommend a getaway such as that for any families in the area with young kiddos. edith is now getting bottles four times per day so she has been averaging 8 ounces per bottle. i'm struggling to keep up with her demand so i'm prayerful that my body will get its act together soon. we plan on doing baby-led weaning with edith so she will continue to be exclusively breastfed until probably about 6 months, or at the very least, until she has no issues sitting up on her own. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

edith: 17 weeks old

age: seventeen weeks old
stats: 6-9 month clothes
firsts: dedication, japanese buffet
milestones: ready to be de-swaddled (now we just need to be ready...)
goings-on: edith and elden's dedication was really nice and both kids cooperated. edith must be going through a 4-month sleep regression and/or growth spurt because she's been waking multiple times per night and is hungry around 3 am. edith can definitely be unswaddled now but given our current nighttime difficulties we are holding off on that. as of today she is officially 4 months old  (since i slacked in the updating department on tuesday due to a work conference) so we've changed up her daily schedule by spacing out naps/bottles and putting her to bed earlier. we can't believe she is 4 months already (although jon thinks the past 4 months have dragged on). edith is working on sitting up but it's mostly just tripoding at our urging. like her brother, she has minimal interest in her feet but is all about her hands. edith is a pretty serious baby and doesn't laugh as much as elden did but her facial expressions crack us up. she is a curious little peanut who is always checking out her surroundings. we are very excited about what the next few weeks will bring.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

big dreams

Ever since I began pursuing a criminal investigation into my abuser and experienced the trauma of trying to find the appropriate people to tell (and therefore telling and retelling my story to quite literally a dozen different people who just handed my phone call off to the next person) I have known the system for victims is broken and wanted to do something about it.

I didn't know what that something might look like until last night.

The thing about me is if I get a new idea I can be somewhat manic. Once the wheels in my mind are turning there is no shutting them off and I lose sleep.

This experience was somewhat opposite. I haven't slept well this week for a variety of reasons and last night while I laid awake in bed after a nightmare my wheels took off.

I have grandiose dreams of developing a free online widget that guides victims through the reporting process for every single state regardless of their circumstances. I picture a landing page that starts out with the simple question, "do you know who your attacker/abuser was?" The answer to that question will then fan out the process for every single person. It will include scenarios such as abuse suffered as a child where the victim is now an adult; scenarios for victims who may have missed the statute of limitations in their state (which is an entirely different issue I'd like to address; this article sums up many of the problems with statutes of limitation for child victims especially); victim advocacy phone numbers for each state so that victims can reach out and talk immediately to a single real person who should know exactly what to tell them to do next if they have any questions. It would evolve if victims' scenarios didn't fit in so that we could create a solution that makes reporting sexual crimes less traumatizing to an already traumatized population.

I emailed RAINN to see if they would be open to developing something like this with me and if not, perhaps they could point me to someone who would. If it comes down to it, I may try to start on this project solo by enlisting the help of some sympathetic developer friends. I just know my reach and capabilities would be limited if I did this by myself. I can't change what happened to me. I can't change whether the district attorney decides to press charges in my case. But I can help change the reporting environment so others can find justice more easily than I could and that's exactly what I plan on doing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

edith: 16 weeks old

age: sixteen weeks old
stats: 6-9 month clothes
firsts: public diaper blowout
milestones: chatty cathy
goings-on: for taking so long to smile, edith is totally easy to coerce into grinning these days. she enjoys being held (at least for a little while) but will make it clear when she is ready to be put down to stretch out. both kids are being dedicated at church this week and my money is on the little one being the more cooperative of the pair but she also likes to throw curveballs at us so only time will tell. i'm noticing empathy in edith already in that if she hears her big brother crying her lower lip starts that heartbreaking quiver despite being in her happiest place ever (nursing). she blew a diaper out in a big way on me at church on sunday and her onesie was a total loss (along with about 9 wipes) but she grinned the whole way through her public indecency episode as i tried to rectify the situation (note to self: when taking her to change a diaper in public, always make sure to bring my phone so i can SOS jon). this weekend is destined to be a fun one with lots of family and friends making the trip out for their dedication and i think all four of us are equally excited about spending time with everyone. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

edith: 15 weeks old

age: fifteen weeks old
stats: exclusively in 6-month clothes with some 6-9 month mixed in there
firsts: portrait studio visit
milestones: rolling both ways
goings-on: on saturday i took edith to meg bowman photography as my mom's birthday present. naturally, princess edith was having none of it and smiled approximately 1.534 times (while getting her clothes changed, natch) and then cried nonstop about 40 minutes in. ever the sweetheart, meg offered to redo the 3-month pics or to just come back in at 6 months and while i haven't seen the few good ones she thinks she got we suspect we will just wait a few more months in the hopes that diva chubbycheeks will comply. edith has been such a happy baby the past week (on the whole, anyway) and is prone to giggling at just about every silly thing you do. she nurses 6 times a day and if she's growing a 7th time in the middle of the night, but typically edith sleeps 9 pm-6 (or later) am. elden still thinks she's the sweetest thing and we're pretty certain the feeling is mutual given the way she seeks him out when she hears him in the room. she loves being where the action is... if edith is sleeping and stirs between cycles and hears any noise at all she will freak out until the second she hears her door open and will give you the biggest smile as you look into her crib. edith's still working on sitting up but we're definitely not there yet. everything goes into her mouth (typically hands) and i don't think she knew what she was doing but i definitely got a sloppy open-mouthed kiss yesterday. swoon!