Tuesday, February 3, 2015

edith: 15 weeks old

age: fifteen weeks old
stats: exclusively in 6-month clothes with some 6-9 month mixed in there
firsts: portrait studio visit
milestones: rolling both ways
goings-on: on saturday i took edith to meg bowman photography as my mom's birthday present. naturally, princess edith was having none of it and smiled approximately 1.534 times (while getting her clothes changed, natch) and then cried nonstop about 40 minutes in. ever the sweetheart, meg offered to redo the 3-month pics or to just come back in at 6 months and while i haven't seen the few good ones she thinks she got we suspect we will just wait a few more months in the hopes that diva chubbycheeks will comply. edith has been such a happy baby the past week (on the whole, anyway) and is prone to giggling at just about every silly thing you do. she nurses 6 times a day and if she's growing a 7th time in the middle of the night, but typically edith sleeps 9 pm-6 (or later) am. elden still thinks she's the sweetest thing and we're pretty certain the feeling is mutual given the way she seeks him out when she hears him in the room. she loves being where the action is... if edith is sleeping and stirs between cycles and hears any noise at all she will freak out until the second she hears her door open and will give you the biggest smile as you look into her crib. edith's still working on sitting up but we're definitely not there yet. everything goes into her mouth (typically hands) and i don't think she knew what she was doing but i definitely got a sloppy open-mouthed kiss yesterday. swoon!

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