Tuesday, February 10, 2015

edith: 16 weeks old

age: sixteen weeks old
stats: 6-9 month clothes
firsts: public diaper blowout
milestones: chatty cathy
goings-on: for taking so long to smile, edith is totally easy to coerce into grinning these days. she enjoys being held (at least for a little while) but will make it clear when she is ready to be put down to stretch out. both kids are being dedicated at church this week and my money is on the little one being the more cooperative of the pair but she also likes to throw curveballs at us so only time will tell. i'm noticing empathy in edith already in that if she hears her big brother crying her lower lip starts that heartbreaking quiver despite being in her happiest place ever (nursing). she blew a diaper out in a big way on me at church on sunday and her onesie was a total loss (along with about 9 wipes) but she grinned the whole way through her public indecency episode as i tried to rectify the situation (note to self: when taking her to change a diaper in public, always make sure to bring my phone so i can SOS jon). this weekend is destined to be a fun one with lots of family and friends making the trip out for their dedication and i think all four of us are equally excited about spending time with everyone. 

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