Saturday, February 21, 2015

edith: 17 weeks old

age: seventeen weeks old
stats: 6-9 month clothes
firsts: dedication, japanese buffet
milestones: ready to be de-swaddled (now we just need to be ready...)
goings-on: edith and elden's dedication was really nice and both kids cooperated. edith must be going through a 4-month sleep regression and/or growth spurt because she's been waking multiple times per night and is hungry around 3 am. edith can definitely be unswaddled now but given our current nighttime difficulties we are holding off on that. as of today she is officially 4 months old  (since i slacked in the updating department on tuesday due to a work conference) so we've changed up her daily schedule by spacing out naps/bottles and putting her to bed earlier. we can't believe she is 4 months already (although jon thinks the past 4 months have dragged on). edith is working on sitting up but it's mostly just tripoding at our urging. like her brother, she has minimal interest in her feet but is all about her hands. edith is a pretty serious baby and doesn't laugh as much as elden did but her facial expressions crack us up. she is a curious little peanut who is always checking out her surroundings. we are very excited about what the next few weeks will bring.

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