Thursday, February 26, 2015

edith: 18 weeks old

age: eighteen weeks old
stats: 26.18" tall (97th percentile), 15 lbs 2.3 oz (69th percentile), 40.5 cm head circumference (45th percentile)
firsts: night in a hotel; water park; tooth!
milestones: can now take baby tylenol
goings-on: one of edith's bottom teeth has now (barely) poked through her gums so she's on track to be an early teether just like big bro. at her well check her doctor found something mildly concerning (i won't go into details for her privacy as she gets older) but he prescribed us some medicine that should correct it. otherwise she will need a very minor outpatient procedure but we are optimistic the prescription will take care of it. we took the kids to castaway bay in sandusky over the weekend for a night to help cure some of our cabin fever. we paid extra for a suite so that elden would have his own space. as luck would have it, the suite also had a commendably large walk-in closet... that was perfect for edith's pack n play. hashtag second child. one of my first time mom friends joked that she couldn't believe we harry pottered our baby but we kept the door open a crack, had a monitor in there and learned that homegirl LOVES pitch black spaces. suffice to say, both kids actually slept like champs that night leaving two VERY relieved parents. water baby was totally into the water park, as well as the arcade, and we highly recommend a getaway such as that for any families in the area with young kiddos. edith is now getting bottles four times per day so she has been averaging 8 ounces per bottle. i'm struggling to keep up with her demand so i'm prayerful that my body will get its act together soon. we plan on doing baby-led weaning with edith so she will continue to be exclusively breastfed until probably about 6 months, or at the very least, until she has no issues sitting up on her own. 

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