Friday, February 27, 2015

eldenisms (part 6)

E (holding his Littlefoot stuffed animal): Rooooaaar!
D: Oh no! Stop growling at me, Littlefoot!
E: No! Dinosaurs don't growl. Dinosaurs roar!
At Castaway Bay, Lucy from Peanuts was walking around and Elden refused to talk to her but instead creepily followed her while smiling. After approximately 3 minutes, he finally mustered up the courage: Look at me bein' a grasshopper!! [drops to all fours and hops around]

You can thank your mother for those romancing skills, son.
(At 4 am)
D: Did you have a nightmare?
E: No.
D: Then why are you awake?
E: I don't know. My eyes are just open.
D (finishing a story): The end.
E: I love that part.
J: Elden, let me change your diaper.
E: Soon. ['soon' is his word of choice these days]

E (after meeting Snoopy at Castaway Bay during dinner, walking back towards table & turns to face Snoopy, yelling): Bye Snoopy! I'm gonna go eat my dinner now!

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