Monday, March 9, 2015

brain vomit

There are so many things going on in our lives but I don't really know how to document them. I suppose that's pretty overstated... I guess I just left this blog in a weird heavy place so I don't really know how to go about popping in for an airy little update.

We've decided we're going to sell our house to move into a better school district. This means we are going to remodel the kitchen because it sucks but we're also trying to do it for as cheaply as possible. With a 20% off kitchens sale at IKEA going on through the end of April, we're going to have a Pittsburgh trip in our very near future. As for location, we're looking at four or five school districts in the Northeast Ohio area. Our laundry list is pretty low-key (great schools, 3 bedrooms, central air, preferably city water/sewer, and 2 car garage are really the main things we are going off of) but I'd prefer to head up towards Cleveland a little bit more just because I don't really know what's going to happen to my job long-term with the whole hospital buyout going on. I'd like to be equidistant between Cleveland and Akron so that I'm not limited if it comes down to job hunting. Our goal is to list the house by June 1, which means our weekends are going to be busy busy these next few months.

Edith hasn't had a good night's sleep in weeks. I don't know actual count as I've lost track of time and the days have melted into one giant sleep-deprived blur. We're holding on by the skin of our teeth over here.

I'm not really sure where the investigation stands. I'm gathering that it's dead in the water which I have mixed feelings about but I mostly just want to know whether to close that chapter completely. I still hesitate about returning the blog to public view for two reasons: 1) if said relative happens upon this and finds out I at least attempted to bring him to justice, my fears from before would be renewed and 2) it opens the door to the countless trolls out there to threaten us for ever reporting the abuse in the first place because that's the sad reality of the world we live in. At the end of the day it's not my well being I'm concerned for, but my children.

It's supposed to get into the fiddy's (for those of you who don't use Beyonce speak, that's '50s') this week. If you are not from Ohio I cannot verbalize my enthusiasm.

Jon and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this year. I really want to try to get to Chicago with the kiddos for a weekend to celebrate because we miss that city so much, but money will likely be a huge constraint. I still dream about taking them to the Lincoln Park Zoo and Stella's for breakfast, but that may be years down the road.

As part of the home selling process, I have been going through numerous closets and purging tons of stuff. I'm realizing how much junk we have that we just don't need and I want to make an honest effort at living practically through the items in our home. I threw out a huge bag of years-old bathroom products (mostly hair stuff that I never used) yesterday but there are still tons of things throughout the house that we just don't use or need. We've donated two cars full to Salvation Army and thrown out at least a few garbage bags worth of items and I really want to continue to widdle down the stuff we've accumulated the past 5 years of marriage.

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