Tuesday, March 3, 2015

edith: 19 weeks old

age: nineteen weeks old
stats: 6-9 month and 9M clothes
firsts: baby tylenol (teeth)
milestones: working towards holding her bottle
goings-on: we have been in the throes of what i'm assuming is the dreaded four-month sleep regression but given edith's health situation i mentioned last week it could actually be a UTI so i have to call her pediatrician today to see if we need to rule that out. all i know is that the past week and a half has been pretty terrible in the sleep department and we're all a little harried because of it. edith went on a nursing strike most of sunday and monday morning and i was convinced that was the end of it but just as soon as she refused the breast (but happily accepted the bottle) she was back to her old self on monday afternoon. edith has also been having random crying spurts,  usually around 3 pm, that last anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half. when she's not screaming, though, edith is very content to look around, smile and watch elden be his crazy self. her reflux is still there and while i had reintroduced dairy i have begun cutting back to see if we notice any changes in the quantity of spit up. edith is sweet and stern and her serious facial expressions always have us laughing.

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