Wednesday, March 18, 2015

edith: 21 weeks old

age: twenty-one weeks old
stats: 6-9 month and 9M clothes
firsts: food (cucumber)
milestones: wearing my baby clothes
goings-on: we have mostly reverted back to the old schedule (eating every 3 hours during the day) out of desperation to see if that helps with our nights and it seems to be working. we also caved and introduced some solids (raw cucumber sticks) because edith just seems hungry and was also very interested in our food. she has been very curious about all things we eat ever since. edith is overall a very happy little girl and belly laughs are becoming much more common. she still loves her brother but gets all bashful if she catches you swooning over her. edith is a professional roller now and is working towards sitting up unassisted for longer periods of time. right now elden and i are both sick so i'm praying edith doesn't catch it but (knock on wood) she has been pretty healthy all winter long which is truly nothing short of miraculous. 99.9% of the time edith is such a joy and a light in the dark days of the terrible two's.

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