Wednesday, April 29, 2015

edith: 27 weeks old

age: twenty-seven weeks old
stats: 27.36" tall (94th percentile), 17 lb 7 oz (72nd percentile) and 40 cm head circumference (40th percentile)
firsts: carrots, pedicure, johnny jump-up
milestones: recognizing certain words (like 'kisses')
goings-on: as expected, edith was incredibly uncooperative for her 6M pictures. i think it was due to teething (those top two are taking their time to pop through) so i ended up taking a few of her on my own (see below) to ensure i got a couple happy ones in her stupidly adorable outfit. edith still loves food and is thriving with baby-led weaning. she is able to reach for things i thought were well out of grasp and is a quiet little ninja in doing so. she LOVES the johnny jump-up (no surprise there) and sitting. elden is still her favorite although i'm pretty sure marsala might be closing in on his title...

Thursday, April 23, 2015


It occurred to me that any long-time readers coming back here may be really confused by my last post and why I went dark for a few months only to randomly reappear. This explains everything.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

bite the bullet

I am quietly returning to public view. No announcements on Facebook, no bells or whistles. It's been long enough since I've heard from the police that I feel safe coming back around again.

That being said, I will definitely be limiting the identifiable information I share, as well as info about the kids. This was enough to scare some reality into me about how I may be jeopardizing my family's safety by sharing about them with something completely unrelated to blogging. It's so hard since I think blogging is a great way to connect with others, and because of that I value transparency. I'll probably keep my Instagram locked down since I'm most active over there, but if you want to follow that I'm happy to let you. I just like having control over who exactly is seeing my pictures each day.

In other news, I was offered a new job in the suburbs of Cleveland so there is a move in our imminent future. We are scrambling to prepare the house for listing--including finishing our kitchen renovation--and once we sell we will hopefully be moving about 45 minutes away from where we live now. So there are lots of changes going on in our lives and this is truly a season of chaos. We are super bummed to leave this city and especially our church behind, but too much has happened to question this relocation. Things have fallen into place in a way I could only dream of. We're anxious and excited and can't wait to start this next adventure.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

edith: 26 weeks old

age: twenty-six weeks old (happy half birthday, baby girl!)
stats: 12M clothes
firsts: sweet potato
milestones: working on crawling
goings-on: six whole months with edith and the expression 'the days are long but the years are short' couldn't be truer. edith loves sweet potatoes the best of all the food she's tried and she gets ragey if she sees you eating but you don't offer her anything. she is back to sleeping really well at night and still just has her two bottom teeth but based on swollen top gums we think it's just a matter of time until those poke through. edith is so happy first thing in the morning and is generally a very chill little girl during the day so long as she has something--either a toy or your eye contact--to occupy her. edith does not mind new people and has been going to the nursery at church the past few weeks without batting an eye. she is trying to figure out how to become mobile when on her belly but i think we are still quite some time away from an actual crawler. edith sits up really well now with only the occasional topple. her six-month pictures are this weekend and i cannot wait for those! happy half a year with us, edith!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

five on friday


Warm weather: makes for one very happy toddler and a little organization to our chaos.


Kitchen: is slowly but surely coming along.

Painting: as we prepare our house to be listed, we have a LOT of painting projects to tackle. I finally finished the upstairs hall and am almost done with the stairwell and foyer. 


Cuddles: this has been the scene in my bed around 6:30 every day this week. Edith comes into our bed around 5:45 and Elden joins her as soon as he's awake. I'm soaking up every second of it.

iPhone: After 5+ years of lusting after an iPhone, a great deal on T-Mobile's website led to a gold 5S purchase. This baby is coming home to me today.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

edith: 25 weeks old

age: twenty-five weeks old
stats: 12M clothes
firsts: sitting in the backyard without support, full night bed sharing
milestones: rolling and sitting like a fiend
goings-on: we've had another rough week in the sleep department and we're fairly certain two top pearly whites are to blame. as such, edith has been spending a lot of time in our bed and we don't want it to become a habit. edith is really working on sitting up and also perfecting the art of the roll so i suspect she will be mobile in some capacity within the month. edith is still into food, but mostly just whatever you're eating and not the purist crap we try to feed her. she frantically reached for my ice cream last night and i was in stitches. edith is absolutely crazy about being outside and she gets mad if she doesn't have a toy to play with or something to otherwise occupy her attention. edith's whole face lights up when she smiles and she loves it the most when elden gives her cuddles. jon and i are trying to remember to be more intentional about introducing additional solids as her six-month birthday looms, but lack of a kitchen makes it easy to forget. we are so smitten with this little girl.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

eldenisms (part 7)

E (in car): I wanna watch eggs.
D: Like on your computer?
E: Yeah.
D: We don't have that in the car, only on your computer.
E: But you have it on your phone also.

E: I just pooped.
D: Okay, do you want me to change you?
E: Soon. It's a biiiiiig one.

D: I have to feed your sister now.
E (covering my chest with his hands): No! You can't! I have your breasts.
D (after wiping donut from his hands): Okay Bud, let's go!
E: No! Another [napkin]! You didn't do a very good job.

E: Mmmmm! You make the BESSSSST baby coffee!
(baby coffee = chocolate milk around these parts)
D (during bedtime prayers, after he thanked God for his stuffed animals, noses, his curtains, and feet): Are there any other special people you want us to pray for?
E: (pauses to think, then excitedly shouts) Minnie! [as in the mouse.]

E (sitting on his step stool): I'm poopin' out an egg.

E (to me, pumping in a bedroom of Jon's parent's house): Mommy, I have to go downstairs because Granny and GrA miss me a lot.
(ten seconds later, from downstairs)
E (to Granny and GrA): Granny and GrA, I have to go upstairs because Mommy misses me a lot.
(lather, rinse, repeat)

D: Elden, wanna smile?

J (on the phone with his dad): [laughing]
E (from the backseat of the car): You're not very funny, Dad.

D: Elden, want to see a picture of you when you were a baby?
E: Yeah!
D: (shows him one)
E: I was Edif!?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

edith: 24 weeks old

age: twenty-four weeks old
stats: officially in 12M clothes
firsts: nectarine, Easter, formula
milestones: rolling to her belly every chance she gets (and then getting stuck there)
goings-on: this little peanut is so happy 99% of the time. she is a very laid back baby who loves observing everything that is going on. she has yet to fully master the belly to back roll, so more than once we've had to rescue her in her crib when she gets stuck. food is still the greatest thing in her world. despite my greatest efforts, i was unable to keep up with her demand so we have begun supplementing (usually 1 bottle every other day) with formula to ensure edith is getting enough to eat. the first time she had it she took it like a champ, much to both my relief and chagrin. edith's whole face lights up when she smiles and she is becoming more vocal with each passing day. jon predicts she'll be sitting unassisted in the near future but i'm not convinced. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

five on friday

Just here to share five things on my mind:

Endless Numbers screen shot 0
Endless Numbers: Several months ago Elden got really into an Endless Alphabet game on the tablet. We ended up paying the $5 to buy the full version because he loved it and it was clear he was learning to recognize letters and their sounds. Jon discovered they now have a number version and Elden had taken a liking to the demo version so we opted to buy it. 

 Spring! It's very rare for springlike weather to make an appearance in Ohio earlier than April and this year has been no exception. We've had a few days finally hit 60 and we have taken full advantage. So grateful because this winter seemed longer than most.

Miss Expressive: I always seem to catch Edith in photos at the best times. She's so metal. I'm pretty sure it's because I listened to a lot of screamo when she was in utero.

Kitchen remodel: We're getting there. There's 1 wall cabinet that still needs to come down and the base cabinets by the sink, but that's it. The wall between kitchen/dining is completely gone and is almost done with all the finishing work. After the sink cabinets come out we just need to lay the floors, paint, hang all the cabinets and put up a back splash and we will be done! 

Silly glasses: GG Pat bought Elden these glasses as part of his Easter present and he LOVED them. Jon even drew a picture of him wearing them and he knew right away what was on his face. We all got a good chuckle out of it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

edith: 23 weeks old

age: twenty-three weeks old
stats: 6-9 month and 9M clothes
firsts: pear, time in the nursery at church
milestones: continuing to be interested in food in a big way
goings-on: little miss is growing more excited about life by the minute. her face lights up when she catches you looking at her or if you come into the room. her favorite food seems to be apple and this week we are introducing sweet potatoes and nectarines. edith will watch you with bated breath as you eat and open her mouth as you bring food to yours, so she is definitely into everything related to eating. can't say she doesn't come by it honestly! she's in no hurry to move or sit up which is just fine with me. edith still thinks elden is the greatest person to ever exist but she's also pretty fond of her parents. she loves toys--way more so than elden ever did--and is content to sit in her car seat as we run errands so long as she has something to play with. even though she doesn't nap much during the day she is such a joy to have around and we are so glad she's ours.