Wednesday, April 1, 2015

edith: 23 weeks old

age: twenty-three weeks old
stats: 6-9 month and 9M clothes
firsts: pear, time in the nursery at church
milestones: continuing to be interested in food in a big way
goings-on: little miss is growing more excited about life by the minute. her face lights up when she catches you looking at her or if you come into the room. her favorite food seems to be apple and this week we are introducing sweet potatoes and nectarines. edith will watch you with bated breath as you eat and open her mouth as you bring food to yours, so she is definitely into everything related to eating. can't say she doesn't come by it honestly! she's in no hurry to move or sit up which is just fine with me. edith still thinks elden is the greatest person to ever exist but she's also pretty fond of her parents. she loves toys--way more so than elden ever did--and is content to sit in her car seat as we run errands so long as she has something to play with. even though she doesn't nap much during the day she is such a joy to have around and we are so glad she's ours.

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