Tuesday, April 7, 2015

edith: 24 weeks old

age: twenty-four weeks old
stats: officially in 12M clothes
firsts: nectarine, Easter, formula
milestones: rolling to her belly every chance she gets (and then getting stuck there)
goings-on: this little peanut is so happy 99% of the time. she is a very laid back baby who loves observing everything that is going on. she has yet to fully master the belly to back roll, so more than once we've had to rescue her in her crib when she gets stuck. food is still the greatest thing in her world. despite my greatest efforts, i was unable to keep up with her demand so we have begun supplementing (usually 1 bottle every other day) with formula to ensure edith is getting enough to eat. the first time she had it she took it like a champ, much to both my relief and chagrin. edith's whole face lights up when she smiles and she is becoming more vocal with each passing day. jon predicts she'll be sitting unassisted in the near future but i'm not convinced. 

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