Tuesday, April 14, 2015

edith: 25 weeks old

age: twenty-five weeks old
stats: 12M clothes
firsts: sitting in the backyard without support, full night bed sharing
milestones: rolling and sitting like a fiend
goings-on: we've had another rough week in the sleep department and we're fairly certain two top pearly whites are to blame. as such, edith has been spending a lot of time in our bed and we don't want it to become a habit. edith is really working on sitting up and also perfecting the art of the roll so i suspect she will be mobile in some capacity within the month. edith is still into food, but mostly just whatever you're eating and not the purist crap we try to feed her. she frantically reached for my ice cream last night and i was in stitches. edith is absolutely crazy about being outside and she gets mad if she doesn't have a toy to play with or something to otherwise occupy her attention. edith's whole face lights up when she smiles and she loves it the most when elden gives her cuddles. jon and i are trying to remember to be more intentional about introducing additional solids as her six-month birthday looms, but lack of a kitchen makes it easy to forget. we are so smitten with this little girl.

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