Tuesday, April 21, 2015

edith: 26 weeks old

age: twenty-six weeks old (happy half birthday, baby girl!)
stats: 12M clothes
firsts: sweet potato
milestones: working on crawling
goings-on: six whole months with edith and the expression 'the days are long but the years are short' couldn't be truer. edith loves sweet potatoes the best of all the food she's tried and she gets ragey if she sees you eating but you don't offer her anything. she is back to sleeping really well at night and still just has her two bottom teeth but based on swollen top gums we think it's just a matter of time until those poke through. edith is so happy first thing in the morning and is generally a very chill little girl during the day so long as she has something--either a toy or your eye contact--to occupy her. edith does not mind new people and has been going to the nursery at church the past few weeks without batting an eye. she is trying to figure out how to become mobile when on her belly but i think we are still quite some time away from an actual crawler. edith sits up really well now with only the occasional topple. her six-month pictures are this weekend and i cannot wait for those! happy half a year with us, edith!!

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