Wednesday, April 29, 2015

edith: 27 weeks old

age: twenty-seven weeks old
stats: 27.36" tall (94th percentile), 17 lb 7 oz (72nd percentile) and 40 cm head circumference (40th percentile)
firsts: carrots, pedicure, johnny jump-up
milestones: recognizing certain words (like 'kisses')
goings-on: as expected, edith was incredibly uncooperative for her 6M pictures. i think it was due to teething (those top two are taking their time to pop through) so i ended up taking a few of her on my own (see below) to ensure i got a couple happy ones in her stupidly adorable outfit. edith still loves food and is thriving with baby-led weaning. she is able to reach for things i thought were well out of grasp and is a quiet little ninja in doing so. she LOVES the johnny jump-up (no surprise there) and sitting. elden is still her favorite although i'm pretty sure marsala might be closing in on his title...

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