Wednesday, April 8, 2015

eldenisms (part 7)

E (in car): I wanna watch eggs.
D: Like on your computer?
E: Yeah.
D: We don't have that in the car, only on your computer.
E: But you have it on your phone also.

E: I just pooped.
D: Okay, do you want me to change you?
E: Soon. It's a biiiiiig one.

D: I have to feed your sister now.
E (covering my chest with his hands): No! You can't! I have your breasts.
D (after wiping donut from his hands): Okay Bud, let's go!
E: No! Another [napkin]! You didn't do a very good job.

E: Mmmmm! You make the BESSSSST baby coffee!
(baby coffee = chocolate milk around these parts)
D (during bedtime prayers, after he thanked God for his stuffed animals, noses, his curtains, and feet): Are there any other special people you want us to pray for?
E: (pauses to think, then excitedly shouts) Minnie! [as in the mouse.]

E (sitting on his step stool): I'm poopin' out an egg.

E (to me, pumping in a bedroom of Jon's parent's house): Mommy, I have to go downstairs because Granny and GrA miss me a lot.
(ten seconds later, from downstairs)
E (to Granny and GrA): Granny and GrA, I have to go upstairs because Mommy misses me a lot.
(lather, rinse, repeat)

D: Elden, wanna smile?

J (on the phone with his dad): [laughing]
E (from the backseat of the car): You're not very funny, Dad.

D: Elden, want to see a picture of you when you were a baby?
E: Yeah!
D: (shows him one)
E: I was Edif!?

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