Friday, April 3, 2015

five on friday

Just here to share five things on my mind:

Endless Numbers screen shot 0
Endless Numbers: Several months ago Elden got really into an Endless Alphabet game on the tablet. We ended up paying the $5 to buy the full version because he loved it and it was clear he was learning to recognize letters and their sounds. Jon discovered they now have a number version and Elden had taken a liking to the demo version so we opted to buy it. 

 Spring! It's very rare for springlike weather to make an appearance in Ohio earlier than April and this year has been no exception. We've had a few days finally hit 60 and we have taken full advantage. So grateful because this winter seemed longer than most.

Miss Expressive: I always seem to catch Edith in photos at the best times. She's so metal. I'm pretty sure it's because I listened to a lot of screamo when she was in utero.

Kitchen remodel: We're getting there. There's 1 wall cabinet that still needs to come down and the base cabinets by the sink, but that's it. The wall between kitchen/dining is completely gone and is almost done with all the finishing work. After the sink cabinets come out we just need to lay the floors, paint, hang all the cabinets and put up a back splash and we will be done! 

Silly glasses: GG Pat bought Elden these glasses as part of his Easter present and he LOVED them. Jon even drew a picture of him wearing them and he knew right away what was on his face. We all got a good chuckle out of it!

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