Tuesday, May 5, 2015

edith: 28 weeks old

age: twenty-eight weeks old
stats: 12M clothes
firsts: steak, cold, sitting in the bath without her bath chair, swing
milestones: trying to figure out crawling
goings-on: edith is probably a week away from cutting her top teeth since she is back to not sleeping well at night. other than that she is still pretty content and loves touching new things. of particular interest is elden's toys which a certain little guy is less than thrilled about. edith is showing interest in mobility and is now making a concerted effort to crawl when she is on her belly. she still loves food and elden is the person who can make her laugh the most. she has mostly mastered sitting up unassisted with only the occasional spill and has a deep love for the outdoors. she is still so happy and chatty in the morning which makes her 6 am wake-up a lot easier to swallow.

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