Wednesday, May 20, 2015

edith: 29 and 30 weeks old

age: twenty-nine and thirty weeks old
stats: 12M clothes
firsts: blueberries, chicken, aquarium trip, squash, mango, pretzel
milestones: continuing to attempt crawling
goings-on: with my new job beginning last monday i lost the days and therefore had to resort to grouping these past two weeks into one update. edith is definitely in the trenches of stranger anxiety and will usually cry if someone other than jon or i are holding her. she is mobile in terms of rolling and wiggling now, and if we put her on a soft surface she puts her butt in the air as she tries to figure out crawling. she still thinks food is the best thing in the universe, followed closely by being outside and her big bro. she is definitely cutting at least one top tooth and is still not sleeping perfectly at night but she is easily soothed and for that we are grateful.

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