Monday, June 22, 2015

edith: 34 weeks old

(better late than never)
age: thirty-four weeks old
stats: still 12M clothes
firsts: red pepper, raspberries, cleveland metroparks zoo visit, minor league baseball game
milestones: cruising, sitting in grocery cart seats
goings-on: edith is fully mobile now and that means she is into everything all the time. her new favorite food is carpet fuzzies so you bet your face you must be all up in her biznass now because she senses when you look away for a millisecond. we generally take edith out of her car seat when we go places now because she doesn't typically fall asleep in it anymore which also means we are well on our way to switching to her convertible diono seat. edith tends to wake up happy in the morning and her witching hour is usually around 4-5 pm. she loves food and is quite proficient at using her pincher grip. baby-led weaning is a much better fit for her than it probably was for elden so we are happy that she is thriving and developing many rolls on her kissable little body. we are probably going to have to baby-proof the new house immediately which is funny because elden was never really into anything and a few baby gates sufficed. this peanut definitely keeps us on our toes!

eldenisms (part 8)

Backstory: I have a bad habit of being too lazy to wear pants and since we remodeled the kitchen we have no blinds between ours and our neighbors kitchen windows. Because of this I usually leave the light off in there at night if I have to do something so I don't subject them to unnecessary underwear views...
D: (turns on kitchen light in morning)
E: no! Turn the kitchen light off so the neighbors don't see our butts!

Elden has popcorn in a little cup in the car. I was telling him to put the cup of popcorn in the cup holder.
D: put your popcorn in your cup holder, Bud.
E: (pours cup of popcorn into cup holder)

J (while getting Elden dressed for bed): booty up!
E (singing): up town, funk you up!

D: tell daddy he isn't stuck, he's just stubborn.
E: daddy, you're not stuck! You're rubberin'!

Friday, June 19, 2015


We got the house!!!!

Our inspections are on Wednesday so hopefully all will be okay there and we are set to close July 17. I can't wait to share more!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

brief updates

Lack of time and written on my phone:
-We found a house!!! We fell in love with the house itself, the neighborhood it's in, etc. We saw it yesterday and put an offer in today. Praying they negotiate with us because this one seriously blew all the others away and the market it's in is so competitive that I will be devastated if we lose out on it. It would be perfect for us--including space for our (hopefully) future foster kids. They have to respond by noon tomorrow so praying for a win.
-Our house is good to go on the inspection front - just a few minor repairs and we close in mid July!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

edith: 33 weeks old

age: thirty-three weeks old
stats: big (?)
firsts: raspberries, going from lying to sitting
milestones: see firsts
goings-on: we are now into the stage of childhood where edith fully recognizes that you've (read: elden) taken something of interest from her and she is not happy. you also can't redirect her particularly easily and oh, the drama. suffice to say, i've been doing my fair share of LOLing at her theatrics and will be waiting right here for my mother of the year award. she still loves food--all the food. she wants it immediately. if you do not comply there is hell to pay. she is moving, moving, moving. now that she figured out how to get to sitting she does it all nap and bedtime which has made things re-he-heallllly fun for her doting parents. we love edith beyond measure in spite of these flaws.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

tres belle / anniversary recap

For our anniversary dinner, we went on to Tre Belle in Bath. When we had been brain storming restaurants, Jon initially suggested Ken's Stewart's Grille. However, we are very simple people and every year (with the exception of our first) that we've gone to a fancier restaurant for our anniversary we've walked away incredibly disappointed and wondering what we were thinking. As such, as soon as Jon suggested it I basically shot him down and suggested a local diner.

Luckily, Jon knew that Ken Stewart's actually owned several area restaurants and suggested Tre Belle. As soon as we saw the menu (and prices to confirm that, while it was a nicer restaurant, it wasn't what I would qualify as particularly fancy) we made our reservations.

You guys. This place is a game changer. I started with sangria. Jon and I split the prosciutto-wrapped asparagus (to die for - definitely the highlight for both of us), Jon got the day's special pizza (stuffed banana peppers), I got the chicken parmesan and a chopped salad, and Jon ate a cannoli for dessert while I had chocolate gelato. Our server was fantastic--he was knowledgeable, genuine, and the perfect amount of present. Our glasses were never empty but he was never overly intrusive so Jon and I could enjoy conversation without being interrupted every five seconds.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for writing this and we paid for our meal entirely - we were just so happy that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops so those in the area searching for good Italian food would find this place.
i was pretty buzzed from that sangria at this point. and by buzzed what i actually mean is i was really, really drunk because lightweight.
After dinner, we headed over to Bed, Bath and Beyond (party. animals.) to procure new silverware because it was, after all the silverware anniversary. Also, the silverware we got for our wedding is missing several pieces (how does that even happen?) so the timing of things couldn't be better.

We ended up going with these (and I may or may not have taken some tipsy selfies with the abundance of silverware and sent it to some friends in a group Facebook chat) and made it home by 8:15 pm. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, June 5, 2015

the silverware anniversary

Five years ago today, two naive barely twenty-somethings said "I do" to a lifetime together. We weren't completely ignorant about the magnitude of our commitment, but we also had no possible way to fathom just how marriage would shape us as we grew older and brought children into our world. I'd be doing us a disservice if I pretended this has been an easy road to walk together because I would be minimizing all the hurdles we have overcome. From high needs babies to suppressed sexual abuse memories, we have faced a whole let of stress, hurt, anger, resentment, and worry... and come out on the other side. Our marriage looks so different now than our wedding day, but it has been and continues to be one of God's greatest blessings in my life.

Jon, I know I don't always make things easy for you. I am so grateful for the sacrifices you make to love me and our babies on the daily. You are everything (and so much more) I could have ever dreamed of as a husband and dad. Before you, I didn't think I would ever get married because I couldn't stand spending time with anyone for more than a week straight. I am so glad I was wrong. I love you for a thousand lifetimes.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Completed in bullet points since I'm on my phone:
  • We're under contract on our house! The inspection is in the morning do we're hoping for the best. We close mid July and have until July 31 to be out. We got 2 offers so we're happy with what we ended up agreeing on. 
  • We are frantically searching for a new house. All our favorites are under contract and nothing else has knocked our socks off so I'm not sure what this means for us. But! We changed scope of where we want to settle and now we can keep our church, pediatrician, etc.! 
  •  My new job is amazing. I love my coworkers and I am really enjoying what I do here. 
  •  Tomorrow Jon and I celebrate our five year wedding anniversary. We can't believe it has already been that long and I am looking towards our dinner date at a nice Italian restaurant with much anticipation. 
  •  We are exploring some vacation destinations for next summer on the east coast and would love suggestions. We will rent a beach house with the kids and both of our parents so we're looking for some place little kid friendly and preferably an 8 hour (or less) car ride from Cleveland. But the ocean is a must! 
  •  We've tried a few new recipes that were awesome this past week. I'll share those when I get a chance. :)

edith: 32 weeks old

age: thirty-two weeks old
stats: size 4 diapers
firsts: more food (that I've lost track of), sitting on her own in the bath
milestones: pushing herself up from belly
goings-on: where to begin? this girl is so full of life and knows what she wants. when she is happy, edith's whole face lights up, she does this silly exhale snort, and she kicks her legs frantically. i am humbled to say this is particularly true right when i get home from work... and don't you dare walk past her to put your stuff down at that moment because if you do she gets very upset. edith is definitely obsessed with the jump up, food, and elden. she loves putting things in her mouth and cuddling instead of napping. edith babbles more now with clear b's and m's (we're working on dada). her cheeks are so kissable and i continue to grow more excited to hear all the things she has to say.