Thursday, June 4, 2015

edith: 32 weeks old

age: thirty-two weeks old
stats: size 4 diapers
firsts: more food (that I've lost track of), sitting on her own in the bath
milestones: pushing herself up from belly
goings-on: where to begin? this girl is so full of life and knows what she wants. when she is happy, edith's whole face lights up, she does this silly exhale snort, and she kicks her legs frantically. i am humbled to say this is particularly true right when i get home from work... and don't you dare walk past her to put your stuff down at that moment because if you do she gets very upset. edith is definitely obsessed with the jump up, food, and elden. she loves putting things in her mouth and cuddling instead of napping. edith babbles more now with clear b's and m's (we're working on dada). her cheeks are so kissable and i continue to grow more excited to hear all the things she has to say.

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