Tuesday, June 9, 2015

edith: 33 weeks old

age: thirty-three weeks old
stats: big (?)
firsts: raspberries, going from lying to sitting
milestones: see firsts
goings-on: we are now into the stage of childhood where edith fully recognizes that you've (read: elden) taken something of interest from her and she is not happy. you also can't redirect her particularly easily and oh, the drama. suffice to say, i've been doing my fair share of LOLing at her theatrics and will be waiting right here for my mother of the year award. she still loves food--all the food. she wants it immediately. if you do not comply there is hell to pay. she is moving, moving, moving. now that she figured out how to get to sitting she does it all nap and bedtime which has made things re-he-heallllly fun for her doting parents. we love edith beyond measure in spite of these flaws.

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