Monday, June 22, 2015

edith: 34 weeks old

(better late than never)
age: thirty-four weeks old
stats: still 12M clothes
firsts: red pepper, raspberries, cleveland metroparks zoo visit, minor league baseball game
milestones: cruising, sitting in grocery cart seats
goings-on: edith is fully mobile now and that means she is into everything all the time. her new favorite food is carpet fuzzies so you bet your face you must be all up in her biznass now because she senses when you look away for a millisecond. we generally take edith out of her car seat when we go places now because she doesn't typically fall asleep in it anymore which also means we are well on our way to switching to her convertible diono seat. edith tends to wake up happy in the morning and her witching hour is usually around 4-5 pm. she loves food and is quite proficient at using her pincher grip. baby-led weaning is a much better fit for her than it probably was for elden so we are happy that she is thriving and developing many rolls on her kissable little body. we are probably going to have to baby-proof the new house immediately which is funny because elden was never really into anything and a few baby gates sufficed. this peanut definitely keeps us on our toes!

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