Monday, June 22, 2015

eldenisms (part 8)

Backstory: I have a bad habit of being too lazy to wear pants and since we remodeled the kitchen we have no blinds between ours and our neighbors kitchen windows. Because of this I usually leave the light off in there at night if I have to do something so I don't subject them to unnecessary underwear views...
D: (turns on kitchen light in morning)
E: no! Turn the kitchen light off so the neighbors don't see our butts!

Elden has popcorn in a little cup in the car. I was telling him to put the cup of popcorn in the cup holder.
D: put your popcorn in your cup holder, Bud.
E: (pours cup of popcorn into cup holder)

J (while getting Elden dressed for bed): booty up!
E (singing): up town, funk you up!

D: tell daddy he isn't stuck, he's just stubborn.
E: daddy, you're not stuck! You're rubberin'!

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