Friday, June 5, 2015

the silverware anniversary

Five years ago today, two naive barely twenty-somethings said "I do" to a lifetime together. We weren't completely ignorant about the magnitude of our commitment, but we also had no possible way to fathom just how marriage would shape us as we grew older and brought children into our world. I'd be doing us a disservice if I pretended this has been an easy road to walk together because I would be minimizing all the hurdles we have overcome. From high needs babies to suppressed sexual abuse memories, we have faced a whole let of stress, hurt, anger, resentment, and worry... and come out on the other side. Our marriage looks so different now than our wedding day, but it has been and continues to be one of God's greatest blessings in my life.

Jon, I know I don't always make things easy for you. I am so grateful for the sacrifices you make to love me and our babies on the daily. You are everything (and so much more) I could have ever dreamed of as a husband and dad. Before you, I didn't think I would ever get married because I couldn't stand spending time with anyone for more than a week straight. I am so glad I was wrong. I love you for a thousand lifetimes.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We were also young twenty somethings when we got married and it's so crazy and AMAZING to look back on our eight years of marriage and see how much we've grown and changed--individually and as a couple.