Saturday, June 6, 2015

tres belle / anniversary recap

For our anniversary dinner, we went on to Tre Belle in Bath. When we had been brain storming restaurants, Jon initially suggested Ken's Stewart's Grille. However, we are very simple people and every year (with the exception of our first) that we've gone to a fancier restaurant for our anniversary we've walked away incredibly disappointed and wondering what we were thinking. As such, as soon as Jon suggested it I basically shot him down and suggested a local diner.

Luckily, Jon knew that Ken Stewart's actually owned several area restaurants and suggested Tre Belle. As soon as we saw the menu (and prices to confirm that, while it was a nicer restaurant, it wasn't what I would qualify as particularly fancy) we made our reservations.

You guys. This place is a game changer. I started with sangria. Jon and I split the prosciutto-wrapped asparagus (to die for - definitely the highlight for both of us), Jon got the day's special pizza (stuffed banana peppers), I got the chicken parmesan and a chopped salad, and Jon ate a cannoli for dessert while I had chocolate gelato. Our server was fantastic--he was knowledgeable, genuine, and the perfect amount of present. Our glasses were never empty but he was never overly intrusive so Jon and I could enjoy conversation without being interrupted every five seconds.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for writing this and we paid for our meal entirely - we were just so happy that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops so those in the area searching for good Italian food would find this place.
i was pretty buzzed from that sangria at this point. and by buzzed what i actually mean is i was really, really drunk because lightweight.
After dinner, we headed over to Bed, Bath and Beyond (party. animals.) to procure new silverware because it was, after all the silverware anniversary. Also, the silverware we got for our wedding is missing several pieces (how does that even happen?) so the timing of things couldn't be better.

We ended up going with these (and I may or may not have taken some tipsy selfies with the abundance of silverware and sent it to some friends in a group Facebook chat) and made it home by 8:15 pm. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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