Thursday, June 4, 2015


Completed in bullet points since I'm on my phone:
  • We're under contract on our house! The inspection is in the morning do we're hoping for the best. We close mid July and have until July 31 to be out. We got 2 offers so we're happy with what we ended up agreeing on. 
  • We are frantically searching for a new house. All our favorites are under contract and nothing else has knocked our socks off so I'm not sure what this means for us. But! We changed scope of where we want to settle and now we can keep our church, pediatrician, etc.! 
  •  My new job is amazing. I love my coworkers and I am really enjoying what I do here. 
  •  Tomorrow Jon and I celebrate our five year wedding anniversary. We can't believe it has already been that long and I am looking towards our dinner date at a nice Italian restaurant with much anticipation. 
  •  We are exploring some vacation destinations for next summer on the east coast and would love suggestions. We will rent a beach house with the kids and both of our parents so we're looking for some place little kid friendly and preferably an 8 hour (or less) car ride from Cleveland. But the ocean is a must! 
  •  We've tried a few new recipes that were awesome this past week. I'll share those when I get a chance. :)

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  1. Check out Ocean City, NJ- very family friendly and it's a dry island so no wild "parties"!