Monday, July 13, 2015

edith: 37 weeks old

age: thirty-seven weeks old
stats: 19ish pounds?
firsts: chocolate, wedding reception, raspberry picking, words
milestones: into everything / starting to talk
goings-on: color us crazy, but edith is well on her way to learning pretty ridiculous words: blueberry, diaper, elden and brother. not that she necessarily associates what they are (with the big exception being elden's name), but she is trying to repeat back to us what we say. the words also sound nothing like their true form but may the record stand that the child's a genius! edith's appetite is that of a grown man - tonight she devoured half of a steak and a fistful of blueberries - and she usually finishes whatever elden leaves on his plate. she still loves her jump up, has stranger anxiety, and cannot be left alone for a fraction of a second lest you discover her with a dead praying mantis clenched in an iron clad grip. edith is all about that bass (the music, not the butt nor fish), with her favorite little ditty being that of mr. elvis presley. she pinches hard and goes from content to rage-baby even harder, but we wouldn't have her any other way.

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