Monday, July 13, 2015

lives in chaos

I feel so behind on everything that I am just barely keeping my head above water. Jon and I have been treading hard and the extremely limited free time I have I've been investing in quality time with Jon and/or the kids. The past two nights Jon and I have rented movies on our smart tv (which usually isn't particularly smart but has been lovely for Amazon rentals) and have laughed together (recommend both Pitch Perfect and The Duff although if you don't do raunchy the latter is probably not your cup o tea) and we have made the decision to buy a DVD player and start renting movies from the library because we feel like kids again.

Life is funny sometimes.

We sign on our current house title transfer tomorrow and while we were supposed to close on the new house this Friday / move the following Wednesday (which happens to be the day before Jon's surgery--we moved it up on account of him struggling), that just isn't going to happen. They still need to make the list of repairs so our realtor is thinking we won't actually close til the 27th. Also, I just realized yesterday we have to be out of the current place before the 31st and not on the 31st which means we will have approximately 2 days to move everything instead of the two weeks we had hoped. The icing on the cake? My car is likely nearing the end of its life with us so we are actively perusing used vehicles so that I don't wonder if I'll break down every commute. Between medical and moving expenses we are feeling the pinch on our finances and it's nearly enough to suffocate me when I give it too much headspace. Throw in an impending third birthday and related festivity planning and it's no wonder i have soaked up every second of zoning out on these impromptu spousal movie nights...

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