Sunday, August 2, 2015

edith: 38-40 weeks old

age: thirty-eight to forty weeks old
stats: 26.94" tall (92%), 19 lbs (64%), 43 cm head circumference (26%)
firsts: top teeth, swimming at the new house, time playing in sand, ice cream
milestones: pulling to standing, trying to stand up without pulling up on something
goings-on: edith made the transition to the new house wonderfully and slept like a champ her first week here. despite a second bout of croup and another ear infection she is currently healthy (knock on all the wood). edith's favorite thing is eating and she will dance the entire time she is doing so. she is also known to throw back an entire chicken breast and still want more and it's a wonder she's only in the 64th percentile for weight. she is usually happy and dances to anything that sounds remotely like music. she is all over all the time and has also discovered the steps. she LOVED the pool in our new neighborhood and splashed like a crazy lady. she also loved the sand at a volleyball court we visited and i can only imagine how she'll feel when she experiences the ocean for the first time. our lives are so full with her in them.

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