Monday, August 10, 2015

edith: 41 weeks old

age: forty-one weeks old
stats: 12-18 month clothes
firsts: letting go while standing; marinara sauce; cake
milestones: bear crawling
goings-on: edith is climbing and crawling and letting go of things once she is upright and she appears to be in quite the hurry to walk. she knows what "wave" is and will hunt. you. down. to wave hi and bye (and you better return the love or you will get some serious shade thrown in your direction). edith knows what it means to give kisses and is pretty enthusiastic about that as well. she seems to prefer mom a bit more lately and will insist on me carrying her all the live long day which makes things such as dinner prep slightly challenging. edith can climb the stairs and recently scaled elden's picnic table. she tries to put anything and everything in her mouth which certainly keeps us busy...

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