Sunday, August 23, 2015

edith: 42 and 43 weeks old

age: forty-two and forty-three weeks old
stats: 7 teeth!
firsts: managing to stand on her own for more than a fraction of time, regularly wearing shoes
milestones: headstands, blowing kisses
goings-on: all at once edith had four teeth come through on top and a third on the bottom bringing our grand total of teeth to 7. she loves to wave, blow kisses, and tackle-squeeze marsala at any and every opportunity. speaking of, edith usually doesn't coast across furniture unless the cat is on the other end--at which point she will scale the length at the speed of light. edith's hair is always a little bit crazy but i'd hate to trim it just yet because she still has so little, so crazy it shall remain. edith now wears shoes a good portion of the time because she wants to walk everywhere (with assistance). she is surprisingly good about having things on her feet en perpetua but is also quick to give them the stink eye if she is trying to crawl anywhere. her laugh is contagious and she is growing cuddlier by the minute and i wouldn't have it any other way.

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