Wednesday, August 26, 2015

edith: 44 weeks old

age: forty-four weeks old
stats: 12M clothes, size 4 shoes
firsts: wagging her finger at jon when he was doing the same to her / telling her 'no'; pork chops
milestones: stood for 10+ seconds unassisted
goings-on: edith has mostly weaned herself and typically 
can't be bothered to nurse for vast periods of time. she is 98% carnivore and 2% herbivore. edith is working hard on standing unassisted and when you help her walk she cruises. she loves to splash in the bath and cracks herself up in the car on the reg. edith is very affectionate and when she is upset she repeatedly calls out for "mamamamamama" until i scoop her up (see also: not hating it). she thinks her big brother is awesome but floor food is awesomer. she is so happy and her squeals of delight often fill our house - a welcome sound for sore ears. she blows kisses, gives kisses / noggins / high fives, and points to things or places she wants.

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