Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ten on ten

...Since I did my first one last September and I don't want to hit the dreaded one-year mark of noncompliance...

Home camp at work. A little bit of art to brighten up the fluorescence. 
Still pumping anywhere from 1-3 times per workday depending on when time allows and whether Edith nurses before I head in. Still hate it.
My coworker had this banana today and OH MY GOSH the picture does not do the cute justice. 
I was so focused on the info for that wedding invitation that I didn't notice the little magnetwork a certain dad did to a certain picture of a certain baby girl. 
"I want to take a picture with you, mom!" - How could I say no? 
Three means you can be my sous chef.
This one put away an entire grilled cheese sandwich and capped dinner off with an entire Greek yogurt. Because she is apparently training for competitive eating.
Always upright, always getting into things. 
Very rarely does she fall asleep in my arms. When she does, I take a little bit longer to lay her down.
Because who would I be if I didn't give you at least a small new casa preview? DO YOU SEE WHAT I'M UP AGAINST IN THIS KITCHEN, THOUGH??

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