Monday, September 28, 2015

here we go again

Jon and I are apparently masochists.

Remember that half bath reno we did the month leading up til Elden's first birthday party and how crazy stressed I was about finishing in time?

We're at it again! With approximately 3.5 weeks from Edith's first birthday party we decided to completely update our living room! Our reason for urgency is the carpet in there is gross, there are two entrances (deck/garage) that happen to be our most used points of entry and exit and therefore any hope at keeping carpet clean in there is dashed, and Costco had super nice laminate flooring on sale which ended up saving us about $130. Our main goal was to do the floors before the party even though there was wallpaper and paneling that needed to come down, we need to repaint and redo the trim, and we have grandiose plans for an electric fireplace insert and built-ins around the fireplace. we decided to have a drywaller come out and look at the space because we figured the walls would need skimmed or repaired in some way.

Long story short, he has virtually no availability the next few weeks except for a cancellation tomorrow. We wanted to paint before we did the floors so we didn't have to be super cautious. Therefore we went nuts and had to tear off inception wallpaper (layer after layer) until late into the night.

But it's done! We have no idea how much it will cost (he couldn't give an accurate estimate since he didn't know what he was dealing with) so if it ends up being $$$ we will be attempting to DIY that, too. In addition to everything else.

Hold me.

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