Sunday, September 27, 2015


I realized why I hadn't been blogging so much lately. My laptop is old and slow. I had messed up the CD drive and when Squaretrade fixed it they somehow jacked my OS so now when I turn it on I have to do a combination of button holding, battery removal, and rain dances just to get it to boot up into Windows instead of some weird backup screen. Suffice to say, just the thought of dealing with that (and then, of course, the penchant my laptop has for rebooting to install updates with no choice or no warnings at thee most inopportune times) is enough to make my blood boil. My only other choice was Jon's tablet but I also hate that thing with the fire of one thousand suns so no blogging has been had.

Until now! Lightbulb moment that *duh* blogger has an app and it is much less infuriating to use than the other two options. So here we are, back in semi business. 

It's Sunday. Both kids are sick (probable ear infection in big bro and upper respiratory infection of sorts in little sis) and we are facing the need for dual doctor visits this week. Elden also has an eye doctor appointment (keeps complaining he can't see things; unsure if he's being dramatic or is actually in need of some corrective lenses) and I have an appointment with a new therapist closer to home. It's almost October and fall has arrived. I am both delighted for the leaves to change while filled with absolute dread at the thought of basically spending November through March stuck indoors (welcome to northeast Ohio winter, ya'll--where it lasts half of the year). I am starting to burn out a bit and trying so hard to change my perspective on everything which is a pretty daunting task given how half empty I am. But change is good and I hope it'll all be worth it in the end.

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