Wednesday, October 28, 2015

a weekend with Sally

About two weeks ago I got a text message from one of my dearest and oldest friends, Sally.

She lives in Atlanta and got a cheap fare alert for flights to Akron this past weekend and wanted to know if we were free.

Sally hadn't met Edith yet and we always miss her so we said absolutely come! It was perfect because the first time she met Elden was a week before his first birthday when we drove to D.C. and stayed with her family (aka my second family) for a weekend (she and her awesome boyfriend, Sharm, flew back for the visit). 

I took the day off Friday and Elden and I picked her up at the airport in the morning. The visit itself was pretty low key--we mostly hung around the house, took her to a few restaurants and did some shopping. Sally helped so much with Edith's party and the kids loved having her--Elden even asked me if she could lay with him before bed the one night instead of me 😭. On Saturday night once the kids were in bed I took her to the "fancy" grocery store (it has childcare, a cafe with a pizza oven, etc.) and picked up a pizza, wine and appetizers so we could continue to watch The Goldbergs on Hulu and stuff our faces.

This visit did my soul so much good. Sally and I had met at camp the summer of 1999 and instantly hit it off. Since she lived in Virginia we would take turns flying to each other's house during the rest of the year, so usually we would get to see each other three times during the year (camp being one of them). When I was in high school I got to go with her family to Emerald Isle a few summers and those are some petty fond memories. Sally and Jon were conspiring ways to convince me to move to Atlanta (Jon would love to do grad school at Emory's School of Theology) but for now I think we will just have to visit.
Sally, thank you so much for coming, loving our babies so well, and being such a big help for the party! I am so glad I got to spend some time with you and we miss you like crazy! 

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